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    Our Mission

    Sedona Creative Life Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded to celebrate the human spirit and provide an uplifting and nourishing environment for celebrations, spiritually enhancing programs, and personal growth. 

    Our mission is to become a primary source of programs for spiritual growth, and for programs that encourage healing and harmony of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. People of all ages and beliefs are invited to participate in events to discover transformational learning tools and empower their spiritual journey. 

    The center is nestled in fifteen beautiful secluded acres, just a few minutes from the heart of Sedona, Arizona, a world-renowned spiritual Mecca. Many people who are on a spiritual path travel to Sedona as part of their quest for a higher level of consciousness and understanding. 

    As a venue, the Sedona Creative Life Center is a wonderful facility for hosting an event. The staff continually works with speakers, teachers, authors, musicians, and artists to help make their programs and knowledge available to the public. They will help set up an event and can provide access to advertising, catering, and complete audiovisual production services.

    Office and site visits are available by appointment: 
    Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm
    O: (928) 282 9300

    Juan Beltran, Events Coordinator
    Lisa Wilson, Artistic Director

    SCLC Offerings & Opportunities to Engage

    • Local, National, and Int'l Speakers 
    • Conferences, Symposiums, and Expos
    • Creative Workshops & Growth Seminars
    • Meetings and Press Events
    • Performing Arts & Film Screenings
    • Celebrations, Ceremonies, and Weddings
    • Meditation, Yoga, and Sound Healing
    • AV Production & Live Event Capture
    • Live Streaming & Location Shoots
    • Peace Garden Tours
    • Hiking Trail
    • Volunteering

      Upcoming Events



      Gathering in the Lite:

      Profounding Understanding of the Spiritual TRUTH

      with David Lonebear Sanipass - Clifford Mahooty - Teana Ironbird - Leah Flumerflet - Jennifer Allen

      Event Host: Jaclyn Sanipass

      Ancient Echoes in Collaboration with the Sedona Creative Life Center invite you to a Blue Star Teachings Event like no other! Mi'kmaq Native American Elder and Star Teachings Archivist David Lonebear Sanipass will be sharing the Ancient Blue Star Teachings in person and via Livestream! 

      Join David Lonebear, Jaclyn Sanipass, Zuni Elder Clifford Mahooty, and the Star Teachers for a revealing of the Blue Star Teachings. The Blue Star Teachings have been hidden for centuries, they are ancient teachings that are recorded on Copper Scrolls. These teachings have an origin going back to Vega--yet hold powerful information for us in this time as the prophecies unfold... It wasn't until Mi'kmaq Native American Elder David Lonebear Sanipass, in a historical move, shared these ancient teachings to a non-native audience. This was an epic event in July of 2012 revealing information that hadn't been shared in over 500 years. David Lonebear Sanipass spoke about The Great Shift, The Eastern Door, & the Prophecies that sparked a spiritual awakening in Southern Maine which has now spread across the United States, Canada, and to London, United Kingdom. The "Blue Star Teachings" shared during this event are Mi'kmaq Native American and Knights Templar Teachings...teachings that have never been shared like this before!  

      Each contribution goes to support a larger vision for a Global Community. Your contributions help cover costs of the event, travel for the Speakers and Volunteers, and to support the sharing of these teachings world-wide. Ancient Echoes supports the sharing of these ancient teachings to build global community as well as building technologies from the Copper Scrolls. The technologies include: TEA'S, Clean Water Machines, Efficient & Affordable housing, Temples, Lodges, and Structures for Community

      More information about the teachings, technologies, and projects can be found on our website:  www.ancientechoes.org

      Livestream Registration 

      Suggested Donation for the Livestream Weekend Pass:  $77
       Live & In Person Registration 

      Suggested Donation for the In Person Weekend Pass at SCLC:  $377

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      Dying To Live
      Grief Support & Education


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      The Monks are Coming to Sedona at Sedonya!

      AUGUST 11-22

      11 Days of Activities, Performances, & Blessings



      "Empower the Child

      with Deborah Cambio

      Classes at SEDONYA will include:

      • Manifestation vision boards

      • Self-esteem (Loving, Honoring, & respecting self and others)

      • Virtues . . . and many more tools & techniques

      Ages 05 to 10:  09:30 to 11:00 am

      Ages 11 to 16:  01:00 to 02:30 pm

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      Manifest Your Dreams Conference

      Revealing Secrets to Help Discover, Awaken, & Transform

      August 19 & 20, 2021


      Red Rocks Music Festival 2021

      Sunday, September 5th at 3pm

      “Classics on the Rocks”

      Works by Boccherini, Piazzolla and Dvorak. Featuring Carmit Zori, violin, David Ehrlich, violin, Christopher McKay, viola, Jan Simiz, cello, Prof. Thomas Landschoot, cello, ASU, Teresa Ehrlich, piano, President Renaissance Academy of Virginia, Fred Marderness, percussion, Phoenix Symphony. Sedona Creative Life Center.

      General Admission: $36

      Purchase by phone (602) 402 4551 or online at:

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      Introduction to Entura Art 

      with Tracy Latz & Marion Ross

      Saturday, September 25 
      9am - 12:30 pm

      Cost: $75 per person - Art Supplies included


      Magical Self Love
      with Ann Albers & The Angels

      OCTOBER 2, 2021

      Learn to Love the Deepest, Most Authentic, Beautiful You?

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      Red Rocks Music Festival presents:
      Sandra Shapiro

      OCTOBER 3, 2021 at 3pm

      Red Rocks Music Festival presents internationally acclaimed pianist Sandra Shapiro in "Songs my Savta (Grandma) sang to me".

      General Admission: $36

      (602) 402-4551

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      Vogel Crystal Wand Practitioner's Workshop

      with Medium Paul

      November 6-7, 2021

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