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      SCLC is Planning to Reopen June 1, 2020

      2020 Global Health Event - Stay-at-home order expired May 15th

      The SCLC Board of Trustees and staff are dedicated to staying current on the evolving COVID-19 pandemic; however, we encourage everyone to do their own due diligence. We are preparing to reopen the Sedona Creative Life Center and Garden of Peace according to social distancing guidelines for Places of Worship and Theaters on June 1st, 2020. If you are hosting an event or program during June-August, 2020, please contact us at (928) 282 9300 or Thank you.

      SCLC is also accepting new reservations at
      (928) 282 9300 or

      The enclosed information (below) is from the City of Sedona Website.

      Stay-at-home order expired May 15th

      Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's stay-at-home Executive Order expired on May 15, 2020. In its place Ducey announced another Executive Order in effect until further notice, saying:

      • vulnerable populations should continue to stay at home.
      • businesses follow CDC guidelines.
      • continue to telework.
      • continue to physical distance.
      • avoid large gatherings.
      • schools continue to be closed.
      • in person visitations to nursing homes are prohibited.

        This Executive Order supersedes Sedona Mayor Sandy Moriarty’s Emergency Proclamation and prohibits cities from issuing any further restrictions that conflict with the Executive Order.

        Reopening guidelines 

        Ducey announced the following guidance for reopening businesses: 

        Restrictions to bars will continue as they have, with more specific guidance from Ducey expected in the coming weeks.

        Be safe, clean, ready

        Sedona businesses and customers are encouraged to follow the Safe, Clean, Ready guidelines developed with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. 

        Safe.Clean.Ready Businesses

          Our Mission

          Sedona Creative Life Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded to celebrate the human spirit and provide an uplifting and nourishing environment for celebrations, spiritually enhancing programs, and personal growth. 

          Our mission is to become a primary source of programs for spiritual growth, and for programs that encourage healing and harmony of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. People of all ages and beliefs are invited to participate in events to discover transformational learning tools and empower their spiritual journey. 

          The center is nestled in fifteen beautiful secluded acres, just a few minutes from the heart of Sedona, Arizona, a world-renowned spiritual Mecca. Many people who are on a spiritual path travel to Sedona as part of their quest for a higher level of consciousness and understanding. 

          As a venue, the Sedona Creative Life Center is a wonderful facility for hosting an event. The staff continually works with speakers, teachers, authors, musicians, and artists to help make their programs and knowledge available to the public. They will help set up an event and can provide access to advertising, catering, and complete audiovisual production services.

          SCLC staff are available to answer emails and calls at:

          Phone:  (928) 282 9300

          • Local, National, and International Speakers 

          • Conferences, Symposiums, and Expos

          • Creative Workshops and Growth Seminars

          • Meetings and Press Events

          • Performing Arts and Film Screenings

          • Celebrations, Ceremonies, and Weddings

          • Meditation, Yoga, and Sound Healing

          • AV Production and Live Event Capture

          • Live Streaming and Location Filming

          • Weekly Yoga

          • Peace Garden

          • Hiking Trail

          How you can support the SCLC Charitable Trust