Empowering Your Cosmic Awakening

with Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three

Sacred Pyramid Journey, How to Move Energy within the Body to Heal the Body, Tangible Tools for Everyday Life, Sacred Heart Activation, and the Sun Activation for Clearing Miscreation are just a few of the highlights of this leading-edge new-paradigm 90-minute workshop on Thursday 2pm or 5pm. 

Twistedsage Studios will have the newest Ascension Chamber available, along with heart-based higher-dimensional subtle-energy tools for purchase.

Brenda will be available for sessions, as will the Twistedsage Studios  from 9 to 5 on Friday and Saturday.  

Cost:  $45/door. 

Visit TheEldersThree.com for more about  Brenda. Brian Besco is available through Twistedsage.com.

This workshop is filled with truly some of the most leading edge consciousness work currently available to humanity.  We witness miracles and magic on a daily basis from clients and customers, as well as with friends and family and ourselves!

Brenda Schnose will take us on a sound journey as we begin.  From there, we will go through many processes along the way.  These are simply guided journeys, or meditations, that we go on.  Always we begin from within the Sacred Space of the Heart, and the space that is held is held for the person's soul to bring through and release whatever it is that is for the person's highest and best. 

This simple Journey space is made available to beginners while also bringing new and exciting information, skills, and techniques for advanced energy workers to use.  The space we work from encompasses all levels- the physical, mental, emotional, and cosmic connection.  Healing is done by raising vibrations and releasing energies. 

For Friday and Saturday:  Brenda will be available for 45 minute Soul to Soul Connection sessions.  Book in person or at TheEldersThree@gmail.com (please use "Sedona Sessions" in the subject line).  Sessions are $111.  Brenda's sessions cover everything we do in the workshop, with whatever the soul brings forward for clearing and healing.  Again, we witness miracles and magic everyday with this work!!!

Brian Besco with Twistedsage Studios will have the Tensor Tools and Ascension Chamber available from 9-5 on Friday and Saturday as well.  Be sure to check out the new Regeneration Tools, and get a ride in the newest version of the Ascension Chamber while here!!  Ancient Alien Artifacts will also have a space for private showings of actual artifacts and artifact replicas!!  AncientAlienArtifacts.com for more information on this Twistedsage Studios endeavor!!

We are in the Art Cabin, it is free to come in and browse on Friday and Saturday!!  No tickets needed for Sedona Cosmic Awakening to visit Brenda or Brian.