Beyond the Matrix ~ An Ascenstion Experience

Hosted by Suzanne Ross and Shekina Rose

Please join us for a spectacular 2-day Spring Equinox celebration. This event features world-renowned spiritual teachers including Barbara Hand Clow, Maureen St Germain and Tricia McCannon.

 Many well-known authors & speakers will offer inspiration, enlightenment and empowerment with highly interactive presentations that include spiritual practices like meditations and activations.

Musicians will offer high frequency music with flutes, drumming, crystal bowls and harp.

March 19-20, 2019

9am-7pm daily, in the Great Room

Cost:  $77-$277

Tickets:   www.SciSpi.TV/Events


 Early-Bird pricing:

  • 1-day: $77
  • 2-day: $133
  • V.I.P. w/meditation: $177
  • V.I.P. w/Dinner w/the stars: $233
  • V.I.P. w/Meditation & Dinner: $277

Register:  www.SciSpi.TV/Events

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Hosted by Suzanne Ross:

& Shekina Rose:



The Spring Equinox is a powerful time to participate in spiritually-inspired events and activities. Many believe that the veil between realms is thin allowing for a more direct connection with celestial and galactic beings who are co-creating with humanity. It’s also a perfect time for activating our higher awareness, spiritual abilities and energetic connection.

That’s exactly what we will be doing at this highly interactive event! Many world-renowned spiritual teachers, bestselling authors and well-known speakers will be offering valuable teachings, energetic techniques and spiritual practices such as meditations and activations. There will also be high frequency music like crystal bowls, the harp and flute. The language of light will be sung and we will gather in a circle to embrace its resonance.

As a special bonus, those with a V.I.P. pass will enjoy a sacred sunrise ceremony at the grand portal of Bell rock on the morning of the Equinox. Spiritual guides will lead us in a special meditation to greet the rising sun. Another V.I.P. bonus is a special Dinner & Mingle with the Stars. Also, a stargazing and UFO night watch will be offered at the event for those who want to sign up.

This promises to be an extraordinary opportunity to expand your awareness, enhance your spiritual gifts and increase your connection to the cosmos. You will also experience a deeper connection with all of humanity as your empathy and compassion are strengthened as a result of the higher vibration transmitted into all at this powerfully transformative event.