Messages from the Universe

with Laurie Wondra

Laurie believes that we are spiritual beings with abilities to connect with other energy sources. She has been communicating with Angels, guides, animals, nature other realms and dimensions and the dead since a small child.

Hear how she used this in a Corporate setting as well as built her business as a global speaker, teacher, medium energy healer and author.

This evening she will be connecting other energy sources, channeling messages and answering questions from the gallery and well as working in the energy fields around you. 

Friday from 7-9pm in the Sedona Room. 

Cost:  $30/door or   


"My time with you has had a tremendous impact on me and given me guidance and comfort!  I appreciate your gift and your generous sharing of this gift to others."   ~ Jodi

  "Hello Laurie,  Thank you for the Healing session on Sunday.  So amazing.  Feeling so much more in Balance and Healing is really settling in all areas.   Sharing a photo with you the feather my angels were telling you about and the saying it was right in front of me, I just wasn't seeing it.   I hadn't seen a feather since that day, which hit me rather strange.  Then today, I finally got it!  It was right in front of me on my desk."   ~ Tammy

"I just wanted to thank you for the information you gave me last night at the Green Lotus.  I was the one with the two grandfathers that came forward as well as my dad.  It was funny because when others were asking about how certain passings were for their loved ones, I knew I should ask if my dad knew he was dying.  I felt when my grandpas stepped in, I didn't know who was there but I got super hot on my back, I was sweating (just at my back) like they were literally pushing me to ask, and then you looked right at me and said they were pushing you to ask a question because it was important you knew.  You were also spot on with my sister being angry with me after I'd done so much for my dad and my dad's words of comfort meant so much.  I'll be booking a private session soon!"  ~ Danielle

"You did a private reading for me a year ago, and you said I should be aware of something in my husband knee and to look at the blood.  It was a warning.  We didn't think anything of it, but 2 months later he needed surgery on his knee and developed a blood infection that he almost died from.   We want to thank for this information."  ~  Nancy

"I just have to thank you for sharing your gifts in your calls, classes and all the places you make yourself available to our questions, and need for energy help.  It makes it so easy for me to find it.   Because of you I know I'm on the right path. Thanks  Laurie!"   ~ Ramona

 "I also wanted to tell you earlier, but I was feeling pretty foggy afterward you did the healing energy on us. That when I was crying, it was because we were opening up the heart and not knowing what to do with this love I had/have for my sister. How, now that she’s gone, what do I do with all of this emotion? I felt devastated, hopeless and that’s why the tears started. It wasn’t until you’d… helped me, that I saw Natalie. I saw her alongside me, peeling away this thick layer of black smoke that had somehow crystallized around me. She didn’t say anything, just smiled she helped to clear away all that black. So your guides/angels/whomever- were right on with their "go help her", I was crushed at that point. I'm still a little confused as to how I felt so calm afterward, after seeing her but I'm grateful to you and to her."
  ~ Melanie

  "I want to  thank you so much for leading the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community service last Sunday when you talked about St. Germaine and Lady Portia and the Violet flame activation-attunement you did. I had a spiritual experience with St. Germaine later that day and made contact with my deceased Mother through a dream. Just wanted you to know what you helped to facilitate for one of the people there that day! It was wonderful."    ~ Angela

  "I just wanted to personally thank you for your gift of channeling and beautiful light.  You really helped my daughter Kelly balance her energy and find clarity and direction to her life right now.  We are all grateful."
   ~ Julie

 "I just wanted to send a note of heartfelt thanks for the reading on Saturday. More importantly, the grounding you did has quite honestly been life altering in that I can literally feel it at a cellular level, like a shift has occurred. Amazing. Truly. And it was just in time for a work trip where I needed to not only be balanced but ready to tackle some tough team issues from a higher perspective. Thank you so very much. Have a wondrous day."
  ~ Cheryl
 "Laurie, I just needed to tell you – you were spot on with all your messages.  Unbelievable that with our group you connected us with our loved ones, outed my 'pregnant ' friend, and answered some mystery facts around my friends fathers death.  My daughter got a job offer in an area she didn’t expect, just as you’d said. My tests came back normal too. I feel so at peace. Thank you ! I’m sure we will be speaking again."
 ~ Much love, Marcia 

About Laurie Wondra - YourLifeCore

Gifted Shaman, psychic medium, Laurie Wondra has known of her abilities to channel Archangels, Ascended Masters, helpers of the Universe and people that have died since she was seven years old. Today she uses her gifts to deliver messages that help bring direction, clarity and healing. Lives change when you work with Laurie and experience her powerful connection to the divine energies of the Universe.

Since a small child, Laurie has been working with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Collective Light, and other Universe energies to channel their messages and provide healing powers. She connects people with their loved ones who have died and brings important messages from the spirit world.

Laurie combines channeled divine energy with her heart frequency to activate lives and heal fields of energy while working in the Quantum Fields. Her healing vibrational modalities also include crystals, sacred drumming, Tibetan bowls, and voice. She is a member of the Sound Healing Association.

As a former C-level Executive Laurie brings real life experience to her clients. She is the author of four books. She is a regular speaker at LHSC, a regular guest on WCCO and KFAI Radio in Minnesota, and has been highlighted on The Science of Magic Canada radio Show. Minnesota Business Magazine recognized her as an Inspiring Women in the article titled, 'She walks between Worlds.' Laurie is also profiled in the book Chasing Perfection - Shatter the Illusion in the chapter Intuition is Your Super Power. She has publications in Natural Awakenings, The Edge, and Fate Magazines.

Current classes and retreats can be found on her website:   

Contact: or 612.584.8673