Munay Ki Training Class

Presented by Jamee Curtice

The Munay Ki Training teaches you a shamanic path.  You will learn how we approach our Luminous Energy Field, and working with 7 Chakras.  You will receive all 9 Rites, and also learn how to gift them to others.  These are similar energetic transmissions as several traditional karpays in Peru shared silently.  The rites will shift your vibrational field, and help you change aspects of your life.  

The first 4 Foundation Rites are Healer Rites, Bands of Protection,  Harmony Rites, and the Seer Rites. The second group are the Daykeeper Rites, the Wisdom Keeper Rites, and the Earthkeeper Rites.

The Munay Ki is truly an awesome gift. 

Nov. 3-5, 2017

9am-5pm daily in the Retreat Room

Cost:  $300.00