Stop Smoking and Have Fun!!

Presented by Cynthia Beck MH, Stage and Master Clinical Hypnotist

An entertaining workshop that will help you quit smoking for good! Workshop includes :

  • The power of hypnosis stage presentation
  • Group hypnosis to stop for good
  • Strategies on how to stay stopped and Follow up and support. 

Millions of Americans have quit smoking using the power of their own minds. Hypnosis is simply the process of relaxing the mind and body and focusing the unconscious mind on making needed changes.  Don’t believe it?

The first part of the class is an engaging stage demonstration of the power of hypnosis to change behavior. Enjoy watching as willing volunteers easily go into a light trance right before your eyes and see them sing opera, drive sports cars and count their fingers always adding them up to 11.

This lighthearted stage demonstration of the power of hypnosis to change behavior will establish how easy it is to STOP SMOKING without effort, cravings or weight gain. Once your conscious mind understands the power of this awesome and simple tool, Cynthia Beck, MH will provide you would receive in three sessions of hypnosis.

In the second part she will:

  • Explain how addictions trick the brain and what to do
  •  Discuss why things you associate with smoking are triggers
  •  Give ideas about how to reframe your behavior and habits
  •  Help you examine and commit to your reasons for quitting
  •  Guide you through a meditation to see tobacco for what it is

In the third part you will:

  •  Make a list of reasons to quit
  •  Brainstorm on ways to reduce cravings
  •  Commit to your health
  •  Experience smoking cessation hypnosis to QUIT FOR GOOD

Saturday, October 28, 2017

 1-4pm in the Sedona Room

Cost:  $35 at the door.

Info/Res.:  650-722-1956 or


“Cynthia Beck is awesome.  I visited Cynthia to kick my addiction to nicotine over a month ago.  I had been smoking or chewing tobacco since 14 years old.  Now 12 years later I found myself at a crossroads where I had to make a decision.  I knew I needed some help so I went to Cynthia.  Before the hypnosis we had an incredible discussion about life and discussed many things.  She said a few things that I still think about everyday.  She's incredibly insightful.  Here I am over a month later tobacco free.  Not one cigarette.  No chewing tobacco.  Cynthia helped me break the chains if addiction.  Thank you!”  ~  Danny W.

"Wow.... all i have to say is wow.... Cynthia did it. and i am in so much shock. not that i was doubting her, just that i was unsure how it would work. ill admit, i was thinking about smoking after our session but i walked to my car packed up all my cigarettes and lighters and empty packs and threw them all away!  The real test was being in vegas with my chain smoking cousins who smoke 2 packs a day! but i didn’t smoke! I'll be honest, there were times that i wanted to and a couple times i said im doing it! but then i didn’t!  then the next big test was coming home and seeing my husband smoke. but im still going strong! no smoking for me and i dont even care about it! the smell didn’t bother me as much as i thought it would, but it did come on strong. i felt like i smoked a pack to myself just being around it. and when im around my husband its like i can feel his breath, like its a cloud of smoke hitting me in the face.ive been listening to my recording on my way to work taking it day by day but i feel great and im so proud and its almost time to reward myself with a new gym membership :)thank you thank you a thousand times thank you! i will definitely tell all of my smoker friends. im a believer  and cant wait to do more!"  ~  Astra K.

About Cynthia Beck, MH, Master Hypnotist

Cynthia Beck, MH, is a gifted communicator who helps clients make wanted changes in a safe and healing atmosphere. Cynthia has been a Master Hypnotherapist for more than 15 years.

She uses integrated hypnotherapy techniques such as guided imagery; progressive relaxation and positive suggestions to help clients enrich their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Above all, she teaches clients techniques they can use for a lifetime, so they do not become therapist dependent.

She has a private office in West Sedona and contracts with Gateway Cottage Wellness Center in uptown.

Info:  650-722-1956 or visit