The Power of Authenticity, Truth and Courage! A group Healing Intensive and Class

 with Ron Damico, Energy Catalyst and Spiritual Guide

These are a few of the attributes required to live the next leap in our Human and Spirit’s evolution. We have stepped into a time when we are required to evolve how we live, love and enjoy this incarnation. We are now being asked by our Spirit to live with Authenticity, Truth and Courage to bring the light of our True and Whole self into this physical plane. Once we embody these core characteristics of life we can attain the next level of Grace, Beauty and Strength as only a life lived As our Spirit can manifest.

Join us as Ron clarifies what each of these core attributes are, while releasing the blockages to living them. He will help you awaken your innate ability to live this way and give you the tools necessary to deepen your relationship with Authenticity, Truth and Courage and how to bring forth the life you are meant to live.

During this class, Ron will guide everyone into a deep state of presence that will bring us to a timeless moment where the deepest healing can occur. He will move you through space and time to align you with your Awakened Spirit while releasing what is interfering with you living within this state you have been seeking.  This truly is a profound class and is designed to bring you to the next level of awakening. This class can be attended either in person or by webinar. A recording of this class will be available to download and replay for you to get the most of this offering. As many have stated, this is as powerful in person and through live webinar as the recording.

Saturday, October 14th, 2017  

 10am-2pm in the Chapel

Cost: $75/if you register before October 12th, $85/door

Info/Register:  928-637-4599 or


Ron Damico is highly regarded for his Transformational Healing and Spiritual Guidance to thousands of people all over the world. He is an Energy Catalyst for people who are looking to Heal, Evolve and Expand by clearing at a root level. Ron offers private sessions, classes and is most known for his powerful group healing work. These group sessions harness the power of the collective energy to catapult the group to a higher state of being, which can then move mountains…

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