Lightworker Inner Circle Channeling Event

with Micheila Sheldan, Intuitive Channel & Executive Director of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution

 Become part of a collective consciousness in this intimate connection to spirit that is uniquely designed for the attendees present. Just days before the event, Micheila calls all Beings forward who will participate in the transmission and downloads the course material. The result is an interactive, high vibrational, loving interaction that will serve the unique vibrational needs of all attendees.

The event includes meditations, activations and light-coded transmissions, as well as the opportunity to ask personal questions that will expand understanding and insights. Each individual always takes away a personal message from the Guides present to assist them on their journey.

The workshop is recorded so that all attendees may revisit the information over and over again, reconnecting to the vibrational material, processes and lessons.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

12-2pm in the Retreat Room

Cost:  $150.  Space limited to the first 15 attendees

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During this 2-hour interactive, loving channeled interaction you will:

  •  work directly with a variety of higher dimensional beings and collectives who are tailoring information to your unique structure and vibrational needs;
  •  become part of a collective consciousness that will forever change your vibration;
  •  interact directly with the beings and collectives present, asking your most prominent questions;
  •  participate in vibrational processes, meditations and healings that are designed specifically for those in attendance;
  •  experience a unique channeled interaction that is specific to the current planetary energies and beings in attendance; 
  •  transform your perception of reality and enhance your creativity;
  •  crystallize your DNA, raise your vibration and heal and clear what no longer serves you;
  •  increase your happiness, health and vibrational wellness,
  •  and activate the highest matching vibrational timelines to inspire and transform all areas of your life.

This course material could never be replicated because it is designed to serve the unique vibrational needs of all attendees, considering the current planetary shifts and most prominent common areas of concern that need to be addressed in the moment.

Attendees will experience meditations, activations and light-coded transmissions. These vibrational tools are designed to integrate the course lessons in your day-to-day reality, completing the healing that was initiated during group processes.

Since the class is limited to a small group, attendees have the opportunity to interact directly with the consciousness present, asking personal questions that will expand understanding and insights.


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