Metatronia Therapy® - Source Light Attunement Workshop

Hosted by Tammy Majchrzak & Valorie Farber

Join us for a full day Metatronia Therapy experience. Metatronia Therapy is here at this time to assist the Light Evolutionary process of mankind. Assisting the ascension and awakening, alignment and expansion journey, bringing alignment with the Sacred Geometric Inscriptions of the Living Light of the One, unified pure Source consciousness.

This vibration is not just limited to healing. It works above and beyond, infinitely expanding in-line with Source. This workshop is an initial introduction to Metatronia Therapy vibration. This will be a very transformational event, with deep inner healing and release. Connecting you with Source through the vibration and divine love of the Trilogy Masters of light – Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Thoth.

Much of this workshop will be spent in deep connection and working with the silent light of Source. Opening you to higher conscious and vibrational dimensions. You will emerge from this workshop renewed, aligned and with a deeper connection to the living light of Source.

May 20, 2017

 10am-4pm in the Sedona Room

Cost $240.00



Email:,  Tel: +44 7711 524853

About Valorie Farber:

“My aim is to Join with you, my brothers and sisters of the Light, as the love of Source we are, so that together, as one, we may embody the Pure Positive Energy of Source that we are, here now and forever more.”  ~ In'Laketch

Credentials:  Registered Metatronia Therapy®  Master Level Healer/Attuner & Teacher, Board Member & Trustee of the Metatronia Therapy® Foundation of Light, Metatronia Therapy® Accredited Workshop Facilitator, Founder of Blue Fire Crystal Quasar Synchronization, Certified Soul Genesis Matrix Professional Knowledge Facilitator, Certified Universal Sphere Practitioner, Certified Tree of Life Crystalline Activation Practitioner, Certified in Quantum Vortex Healing by Meg Benedicte, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, Elenari Healing System Master, Certified in Pleiadian DNA Healing & Activation Program, La-Ho-Chi Practitioner, Recognized Akashic Record Reader, Certified by the Center for Akashic Studies, Registered Member of the International Healers Association, A Member of the Hands-On Trade Association, California Board Licensed Esthetician since 1999.

“Perhaps the “Ascension” you speak of and seek is just the vibrational transfiguration into divine love. The love that ignites each and every vessel into purity and truth. This is not a place or journey but an altering in your energised state that lifts you up and beyond the density and misguided reality. Perhaps the Ascension you speak of is a rising into your divine blueprint – Love. This cannot be quantified or measured but is a stepping into your true vibration and in this, great truth is opened to you beyond any measure within the linear mind for it is as it is. All united as One. In the divine transfiguration you are then reunited at one with the ALL.” ~ Tammy Majchrzak

Free Gifts:

  •  Lightbody Awareness, Lightbody Vehicle Workbook, Meditation Webinar Recording
  •  12 MP3 recorded Metatronia Meditations to keep
  •  Attunement Certificates
  •  MTFOL Membership pack and MTFOL Practitioner register inclusion for Active level

About Tammy Majchrzak:

Tammy is a Metatron Channel & Scribe and serves as a direct link with the Divine Universal Light. She works from and is a conduit for the pure light of divine law. Working from a space beyond the beyond, without limitation and beyond structures. She is a Spiritual Teacher and Mentor in Universal/Divine light dynamics.

She is the Founder of Metatronia Therapy and the Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL). Her work at this time is as a Source Light Integrator. Assisting those who are on their Ascending path of enlightenment and to know for themselves, the divine truth itself through the light of the One Source frequency.

One of Tammy’s spiritual gifts is introducing and sharing the latest information of divine truth to all those who seek. She works from a very humble space, assisting others on their path of light. Tammy works through the Trilogy Masters – Archangel Metatron, Jesus (Yeshua) and Thoth – “Assisting mankind on his light evolutionary journey”.

Additional credentials: Metatronia Therapy®  Founder, Board Member & Trustee of the Metatronia Therapy® Foundation of Light, Metatronia Therapy® Accredited Workshop Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Stress Management & Counselling, Crystal Healer, Metatronia Massage, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Accredited & Approved Training Provider with IICT & IPHM, Member of the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council, Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher

Workshop Package:

  •  Attunement to Non-Active, Active or Master Attuner Practitioner level
  •  Transmissions of Light
  •  Communion & Connection with the Trilogy Masters of Light
  •  PowerPoint Presentation
  •  Healing, Alignment and connection
  •  Healing Demonstration for Practitioners
  •  Metatation – Deep connection meditation
  •  Guidance & Advice from the main Metatronia Therapy Founders
  •  Ongoing training, guidance and support
  •  Preparation & unveiling of the Garment of Light
  •  Deep Healing, Releasing, Alignment & Transformation
  •  Realignment of the Human Vessel (body) into the Divine Core Matrix
  •  Initial attunement to Metatronia Therapy for your own self ascending journey