Mastering the 5th Dimension while in the 3rd

with Alexa Person

Join Alexa Person for two separate talks about how to lift your frequency into a higher density while still in your 3D body.

Alexa will also invoke the tradition of the lost art of ancient alchemy and moderate a space for your Guides to work with you directly. Lecture topics will differ, but Alchemical Healing Sessions will be offered both evenings.

March 11-12, 2017

6-8pm in the Sedona Room

Cost:  $25. per evening, *limited seating.

Visit  for tickets and more information.

About Alexa Person:

Alexa Person is an Alchemist, Author and Speaker. Her new book, The Zero Point: One Woman’s Cosmic Journey into the 5th Dimension (And How You Can Get There Too), is a deeply personal, often painful and sometimes comical account of Alexa’s decades-long struggle to reconcile who she truly is with the realities of this Third Dimension.

The Zero Point demonstrates how we each shape our own reality and the world around us. Ascension into unity consciousness is not an abstract concept. It merely requires movement through a Field of Resistance, which is ever-present and open to ALL.

Alexa has always walked a tightrope between this Third-Dimensional reality and the higher spiritual realm.  An artist, filmmaker, fifth-generation South Texas Rancher and single mother of three, she was also born “awake” and gifted with the full spectrum of clairvoyant gifts. Alexa is an Alchemist of Light, committed to the service of shifting individuals into a higher alignment of their own Divine Male-Female frequency. 

She specializes in the lost tradition of the sacred art of Ancient Alchemy.  Through elemental healing, she empowers her clients to call back their power and experience the unity consciousness threshold between the alchemy of sacred elements and the Higher Self. 

She assists her clients in accepting Love and Light and releasing negativity, fear and guilt. Alexa is committed to assisting in the peaceful awakening of the planet by ushering in the Light of Source.  By transmuting the darkness with love and compassion, Alexa empowers others to do the same.

Alexa holds a B.A. in Art History from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. As an Executive Producer, she produced award-winning films with her partners at Aristar Entertainment and Packin’ Heat Pictures. Her regular public speaking engagements include her work as an Akashic Records Consultant and energy worker. She also leads discussions on her articles on