Synergy: Universal Hearts and Minds Self Empowered Wisdom

Spring Equinox.  The heart knows. 

Mastering Subtle Energy

with David Router and special guest Dr. Theresa Ramsey

Friday, March 17, 2017 from 9am-3pm  Sedona Creative Life Center

Cost:  $150 includes catered lunch. 

Join David Router and special guest, Dr. Theresa Ramsey, for this educational, life-enhancing experiential seminar. Subtle energy is described as electromagnetic waves, rates of vibration and patterns of pulsation which greatly influence the dynamic infrastructure of the body. Each person has unique patterns of energy directly related to their, emotions and well-being.

You’ll discover how subtle energy impacts your health — the basics of Energy Medicine — and how to enhance and influence your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Energy Medicine Basics presented by Dr. Theresa Ramsey, NMD will open the day. Energy animates our being. Our energy body is influenced by many things, conscious and unconscious. Lifestyle enrichment exercises can inspire us to tap into our energy and magnify the positive opportunities available to us. Dr. Ramsey will lead participants into David’s work which reveals the unconscious energies that we can become aware of — those that have created patterns of grief and pain.



SoulMonic Sound Healing with Three Trees

Thursday, March 16, 2017 from 7-9pm Sedona Creative Life Center

$20 suggested donation, or included with your Self-Empowered Wisdom Retreat package or call 928-451-4670  for details. 

Opening Ceremony of the Self-Empowered Wisdom Conference   Three Trees, a name given during a vision quest, is a healer, teacher, artist and the creator of the Soulmonic sound healing system. He has been a musician for most of his life, and a practitioner of sound-healing for over 17 years.

 For the opening ceremony of the Self-Empowered Wisdom Retreat, Three Trees will take you on a musical "Soul-journey." This powerful experience incorporates ancient, shamanic and contemporary sound-healing techniques to facilitate healing on multiple levels.  

Through divine guidance, Three Trees takes you on a sacred, rhythmic, and harmonic soul-level experience that goes to new depths of energetic healing, clearing and awakening. He uses a variety of sound-healing techniques and instruments including the didgeridoo, Tibetan and crystal bowls, vocal toning and ancient chants, Halo drum, chimes, tuning forks, native flute and rattles, while focusing on the therapeutic powers locked within drums and rhythms. 

A resident of Sedona for almost 15 years, Three Trees has become internationally recognized by thousands for his SoulMonic sound-healing sessions, workshops and retreats, as well as his music and performances.  

Ayni Despacho to Honor Spring Equinox with Jorge Luis Delgado

 Monday, March 20, 2017 from 7-9:30pm Sedona Creative Life Center

$20 suggested love offering or included with your Self-Empowered Wisdom Retreat package or call 928-284-0791 for details.

 Honor Spring Equinox at the Self-Empowered Wisdom Conference   Celebrated Peruvian Shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado will lead Ayni Despacho.   The Author of Andean Awakening, Jorge joins us from Peru. He opens the door to his mystical homeland as we co-create an Ayni Despacho.

Jorge is our personal Chakaruna (bridge person in the Quechua language).   Jorge bridges us to the spiritual power of the Andes, of Peru and legend of the Inca – the return of the children of the light.  




Ayni Despacho

 A Despacho is a prayer bundle with symbolic elements and the participants’ prayers. As the elements are added to the despacho, the vibration of the participants rises. The despacho transforms into a living prayer creating healing and higher vibrations.   

Before the ceremony, natural ingredients are gathered as offerings. These may include corn, flowers, feathers, beans and colorful yarn. Offerings are prayed over individually while the Shaman gently blows the prayer into them. Participants who attend with humility, gratitude and an open heart may experience more grace in their lives.    



Join us and claim the highest expression of yourself by implementing the principles of relationship heart wisdom.  We will be sharing and exploring research-based information on how to transcend old relationship patterns with yourself, others, your community and the world! 

Gregg Braden & Heart Math CEO, Dr. Deborah Rozman.  Also featuring Kelley Alexander JD, Jorge Luis Delgado, David Router, Dr. Melaney Sreenan and Dr. Theresa Ramsey. Concert with Martha Reich Braden, Sunny Dawn Johnston and Kris Voelker!

Self Empowered Wisdom, the inner voice not in words but in the wordless language of the heart and soul.

Thursay,  March 16th:  

     Opening Ceremony, with Three Trees

Friday night,  March 17th

      Opening Keynote, followed by Gregg Braden!

Pre retreat seminars on Thursday and Friday  

Saturday,  March 18th:

      Opening ~ Dr. Theresa Ramsey, Harmonizing Within for Greater Wellbeing.  Love heals.  This guided meditation will allow you to discover ways to unlock the limitations of your health and to open into greater states of ease.  

An interactive week end , each of  you and seminar presenters in a 2 hour "unplugged" question and answer forum , moderated by Gregg Braden.  

Followed by an afternoon with Heart Math CEO , Dr. Deborah Rozman.

Sunday,  March 19th:

      Full day with Gregg Braden and special guest, Dr. Melaney Sreenan,  leading coach for Dr. Joe Dispenza

Monday, March 20th:

Post retreat full day with Jorge Luis Delgado, including evening Equinox Ceremony.

See our web site for detailed information and registration: