Learn the Language of Light

with Jamye Price

Light Language is channeled Creation Codes; universal languages that bypass mental constructs and speak directly to the heart.  It is a unique process of channeling and a powerful healing modality, activating dormant DNA encodements.  Many are feeling drawn to learn or improve their ability to channel Light Language. 

In this weekend retreat, you will learn to speak, sign, sing and write Light Language. You will work on recognizing origins and meanings, as well as discovering your unique signature that flavors the Light Language you channel. If you are already channeling, you will intensify your ability to transmit pure streams of information. 

2017 Schedule

Level I/II ~ Learn Light Language   

Friday: Oct. 27th from 10am-7pm

Saturday: Oct. 28th from 10am-6pm

Cost:  $350. (price increases to $395. on August 15th at noon MST).  

Level III ~ Light Language for Practitioners

Sunday:  Oct. 29th from 10am-7pm

 Monday:  Oct. 30th from10am-6pm

Cost:  $450.  (price increases to $495.00 on August 15th at noon MST). 

 Tickets and more information available at https://jamyeprice.com/

About Jamye Price

Jamye began spontaneously channeling Light Language through her hands over 10 years ago as she was facilitating energy healing for a client, though she had never been exposed to it before.  She is an ambassador of the Language of Light, sharing it globally through teleclasses, videos and audio transmissions.  She is able to speak and sing many variations, sign it through her hands, write it and translate its meaning. 

It is a multi-layered non-linear language, but she is able to discern the intent of the transmissions that she brings through as well as written transmissions.  Jamye is helping to bring Light Language into the awareness of many as she combines it with grounded, practical spirituality; giving it the credibility and exposure it deserves.

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel and teacher.  She was trained by her Guide Team and has been teaching healing work and spiritual development since 2004.  She developed a healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, a powerful alchemical template for Soul Progression. 

In addition, she channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are transformational Creation Codes that further align you with your Soul.  Jamye also channels Areon, of the Lyran Council of Time.  These loving Lyran messages are focused on humanity’s Ascension and connecting you with your timeless, loving nature as humanity moves into fourth and fifth dimensional expression. 


“The ease and grace in which it flowed was amazing.  No gaps in the presentation for us to get confused or feel lost AT ALL.   The material effortlessly built upon itself to give us a full comprehensive experience in all ways.  I loved your humor and willingness to address questions with such patience, love and WISDOM!!”
“This retreat was one of the best workshops I have ever done.  The experiential aspect of this retreat made a big difference.  It was interactive and more of a sharing than a traditional teaching.  Jamye was authentic and true in her presentation.   Her natural ability to express this information in a way that reached everyone where they were was amazing!”
“I have never attended any event that presented the material so succinctly and so thoroughly.”
“This is one of the most intense retreats I have ever done.  I know that I will be feeling the effects for a long time.  There were so many times that I just knew this was going to shift something in my life. I don’t know exactly what I will do with Light Language and that’s not necessarily important.  What is important is being able to understand how to access an expanded awareness and harness that energy. I can feel the lessons in my cells and in the very core of my beingness.”

For more information or to register, visit www.JamyePrice.com.

Light Language can help:

  • Heal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks
  • Activate DNA
  • Open the pineal gland
  • Inspire creativity and life changes
  • Connect you with your Guides and Higher Self
  • And much more!

If you've never channeled Light Language before, or if you want to enhance what has already been opening up - this will be a weekend of transformation, healing and a remembrance of your divine gifts. 

It will be an in-depth study into the nature of Light Language.  You will learn to speak, sign, write and sing Light Language, as well as translate and recognize origins.  You will be receiving many initiations that will not only activate your Light Language abilities, but open your spiritual path further.