“Sedona Live Channeling Event”

Featuring Orion Council & Archangel Metatron

By Krista Raisa & Nicole Bowdler

 Receive messages by two trance channels for the Higher Realms. You will have the opportunity to ask direct questions to both collectives.  This event will clear, activate and upgrade you in accordance with divine alignment. Don’t miss out!

Experience our latest energetic technologies. Hear live music as EMCEED by ARCTURUS RA. Holographic videos by CLEARNOW333.

July 10, 2015

7-9pm in the Great Room with E.T. / Angelic Rave after

Tickets: $15 at the door

Check out all presenters on You Tube.  

For more info visit us at www.pointofcreationnow.com

Robert Dunlap

Is an investor and visionary architect of the new divine framework.  Founder of several successful businesses of technological origin.  Robert has a graduate degree in Computer Science and a Gulf War veteran.  Robert is a conscious creator of technologies and structures assisting in Earth’s divine transition. Please visit:   https://www.youtube.com/user/CLEARNOW333

Arcturus RA

Is a Photonic designer who deals with all forms of light accumulation travel and light distribution. He channels his scientific information through Arcturus, a star in the northern hemisphere in the bootes constellation .He is also a starseed ambassador and life coach who teaches the correct information to reach independent enlightenment and holistically bringing your full human potential back online.

 He has over 1M views on his YouTube channel. Visit: www.ra-key.com  and www.ra-key.com

Nicole Bowdler

Is trance channel for the ArchAngel Metatron, has been in clear communication with this Angel since the age of 14. Nicole has toured the United States and channeled for hundreds of people simultaneously. Nicole has been documented in many mainstream media outlets over the past several years. Her gifts have been translated in many cultures and multi-dimensionality.  With clients spanning the globe, it is her pleasure to bring this wisdom to this country.  Metatron will offer transmissions, upgrades and instant access into your desired path and spiritual gifts. Metatron’s information is disseminated trustfully to Nicole with world changing effects. Nicole has been a faithful steward of this divine communication.  Please visit:  www.Nicole-Bowdler.com

Krista Raisa

Is an empathic channel for the Orion Council extraterrestrials. Her background is Finnish, Afro-American and Lakota Sioux. She has graduated from the University of Eastern Finland, is the author of several books, a Reiki Master and teacher/artist.

Her YouTube channel, "Stay Curly", has reached over 1M viewers worldwide. Please visit:   www.GalacticFaery.Com