Quantum Spoon Bending ~ A Model for Healing and Transformation

 with Gene Ang, PhD

So why hold a spoon bending class? It is not just about bending spoons and forks! It's about learning how visualization and your intentions CAN alter reality.

Discover how to use these same protocols to heal yourself and others, and to manifest your desires.  The principles demonstrated in this class access the same field of information as Quantum Mechanics and the Unified Field.

Participants experience first-hand that techniques based on energy can soften the metal of spoons and forks so that they become miraculously malleable.

In Dr Ang's classes, 85-95% of attendees succeed.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

2-5pm in the Chapel

Cost:  $55

Please register, so that we have enough spoons and forks.

Call Susan 215-348-5755 or email Susan@SusanDuvalSeminars.com

For more information about Dr Ang, see www.GeneAng.com 

The utensils are twisted using new quantum healing techniques which clearly prove the ability of those techniques to alter physical reality. Not only are the results cool, but these same principles can be used for major shifts in healing and life transformations.

 Techniques which may be taught include Spin, Time Travel, Collapsing the Wave, Dimensions, the Torus of the Heart, Symbols and more.

"This is my third time attending a class with Gene.  He is amazing-so knowledgeable, grounded, and humble!  This seminar definitely exceeded my expectations." ~ Barbara S., Southington, CT

 Gene Ang, PhD

Gene Ang, PhD graduated from Stanford and earned his doctorate in Neurobiology at Yale University.  An energy medicine practitioner based in California, he offers private healing sessions and teaches seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality and healing.

 Gene also leads Sacred Journeys worldwide.  www.geneang.com