International Center Of Spiritual And Ancestral Wisdom Presents

“Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederations Unite”  

Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederations:

The Eagle, symbolizing the Indigenous people of North American, has been prophesied to meet with the Condor, symbol of the Indigenous people of South America.

The Quetzal bird, symbol of the Indigenous people of Central America, has risen up to bring the two great birds together. The logo shows them being linked with a Rainbow which symbolizes the many races that have mingled with our people and with each other, from every Nation and Cultural on Earth here in the Americas for thousands of years. 

In this time of extraordinary threats to our land, our air and water, our health and human rights, our sovereignty and religious freedom we need to speak out and to unite. We feel the need to add our voices to the ongoing debate as to the future of this hemisphere.

Our spiritual ways unite the ancient wisdom as we respect other religions and spiritual traditions, we feel a need to counsel with people on the quest for a spiritual path that is Earth centered and human scale, serving all life and dedicated to healing and working in harmony with the sacred lands that we all share.

This dialogue will attempt to create agreement on the basic principles and values that can lead our peoples into this Dawn Of A New Time.

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Yes, the Ancestors Are Returning to Sedona, Arizona!


Indigenous Elders from North, Central, and South America will unite with Wisdom Keepers and Planetary Advocates from around the world for a historic event at the Eagle Quetzal Condor Gathering in Sedona, Arizona,  April 17-19, 2015.  General Tickets are $323, which includes all presentations, films, and music. Extended presentations and workshops for reasonable cost are being planned from the April 20-22, 2015.

While there are over 50 Indigenous Elders planning on attending the gathering, there are select Elders and global Wisdom Keepers who will be doing formal presentations. Presenters include: Abuela Margarita Nuñez Garcia (Jalisco, Mexico), Cristobal Cojti Gacia (Mayan Elder, Guatemala), Juan Garbriel (Peruvian Elder), Uqualla (Havasupi Tribe), Ruben Saufkie (Hopi Tribe), Abuela Laura Espinoza Cuadras (Mexicali, Baja Mx), Carl Johan Calleman, PhD (Scholar and Author), Sensei Rendo Sugimoto (Japanese Elder), Alokananda (Tribal Alliance), and more…

This conference will also focus on environmental awareness in alignment with Earth Day. There will be two environmental films that address solutions to climate change. The first is Cowspiracy and the second is The Future of Energy. The two films compliment each other and together cover the two largest areas of society that need to be transformed in order to solve the climate crisis; animal agriculture and energy consumption. In addition, Generation Wake Up will host a powerful young led workshop that focuses on youth empowerment and sustainability.

Lively musical performances are planned for Saturday and Sunday. Among the performers are Ryan WhiteWolf (Australia) and Bhushan Stone (Alaskan folk music). Their focus is to bring all the people together to celebrate life.

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