The Crystal Blue Sapphire Meditation

by Reverend Sarah Nash

Have you ever felt that you've lost a piece of yourself to someone?  Does it seem as though you've been attempting to fill an empty space that should have never been?  Give yourself the gift of closure you deserve. Return to a fullness of being.

The first presentation in the highly anticipated Cosmic Triage™ series. Return to a fullness of being if you have ever felt that you've lost a piece of yourself to someone. If it seems as though you've been attempting to fill an empty space that should have never been -- this is a workshop for you!  It is a soul retrieval process you facilitate. Give yourself the gift of closure you deserve.

Friday, April 19, 2013

1:30-4:30pm in the Art Cabin.

$75 if you register online or $95 at the door.

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Contact: Sarah@CosmicTriage.Org


"Sarah Nash is one of those ebullient souls who has style, class AND a fabulous view on spirituality. She’s got a heart of gold too." ~ Avia Venefica

"Sarah is absolutely amazing! I learned more from this reading than any other reading I've had. It was spot on and completely applicable to my life and learning level. I am blessed to have connected with her." ~ Leslie

"Can't wait until we can speak again about my abilities. You are so open, honest and supportive. I love it! Blessings to you Sarah. You've certainly made a definite impact in my life and gave me the message clear enough that I can no longer deny who I truly am and what I am here to manifest in this life." ~ VKOMBO

"Your reading was powerful and I think it's half the equation. I'm searching for the other half right now, evolving a strategy with it. It triggered some very deep energies which are now being released." ~ Robert Phoenix

Sarah is trained as a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui tradition, and is also an Egyptian Reiki Master. As an ordained minister, she chose certification in Spiritual Life Coaching and learned Spiritual Response from Robert Detzler. She is an advanced practitioner of Spiritual Response Therapy.

Her objective was to become an adolescent criminal psychologist; however she left her internship at Challenger Memorial Youth center in Lancaster, California when she realized she would be unable to truly utilize her inherent gifts as a clinical analyst.

Her greatest passion besides being a Melchizedek Priest and the Co-founder of The White Light Express, is being a mother to three extraordinary Indigo children she still calls "her kids" even though they are grown; their children are her deepest joy.  Sarah lives in the Pacific Northwest with her amazing husband, nine chickens, three cats, and one really weird dog.

Her first oracle deck and book are slated for publication in 2013.  For more information visit:  or


Sarah Nash  is "The Cosmic Hooker" -- also known as the "Irreverent Reverend". Her personal experiences while studying metaphysics, participating in paranormal investigations and a lifetime dedicated to the spiritual realm have all contributed to a colorful no nonsense attitude. Realizing that she was a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) in 1997 placed her firmly on a path of authentic self discovery.

Sarah has always been an oracle, a medium and a channel in this life time and many others. Her clairvoyance as a child made her an outcast in most circles which she believes is the foundation for her extraordinary empathetic abilities.

Suffering abandonment and neglect including physical, sexual and emotional abuse as a child, she found herself working as a call-girl for a madam in California when she was 19 in a poor attempt to find a sense of power and control. She understands the "Victim Mentality" at every level and honors the journey to becoming a "Survivor".

Her wonderful sense of humor is what allowed her to make sense of the senseless tragedies in her life. She brings this humor into each of her workshops, allowing for the sacred space to maintain reverence and integrity without becoming too deep or awkward for the participants.

She insists that she would probably still call herself The Cosmic Hooker whether or not that was a valid part of her history, because she is most of all a Metaphysical Provocateur.

This is a moving, powerful and provocative workshop created by Spirit for your spirit. It's provocative because we have been told that we cannot do our own soul retrievals. That such a journey must be facilitated by a learned master or guide.

After two decades working with incredible Shamans, Mystics, and Healers, I sat in my own meditation seeking answers and was given a simple procedure with guidelines for myself and to share with others.

Developing The Crystal Blue Sapphire Meditation wasn't a complicated odyssey of trial and error, it was a phenomenal bolt of brilliant, sacred healing energy that immediately worked for me.

For years I have watched my clients obtain peace after using the meditation. Broken lives transformed into examples of health and wellness because of new awareness, new strength and the ability to authentically forgive. However, in order to obtain that divine birthright of forgiveness you must first explore how you've been avoiding questions and blocks that are linked to the choices you make. This workshop will fully engage you in a desire to lovingly and honestly ask those questions, beginning your healing journey.

The Crystal Blue Sapphire Meditation will improve your life at every level and give you the tools you need to succeed in our new higher vibration dimension; once you learn how to accept the healing available to you at every moment of every day.

Your soul is yours. Your plan is yours. Period. There are no exceptions.  You can share your energy and your essence but the romantic notion of a single soul sharing two bodies defined as "love" has been detrimental and misleading (my apologies to Aristotle).  This is a sacred journey that only you can do.

Ask yourself, "How can I clearly and quickly define the next course of action in a moment of self doubt -- or self sabotage -- if I don't remember my Soul Plan? How can I heal if there is no closure?" I know you designed your life here before you were born!  Identifying with a compassionate Universe allows you to create a new story, a new plan or simply find your way back to the path you were meant to follow. I will be your guide during this powerful inner transformation.

 You will learn how to:

  •  Tap into your personal courage
  •  Clarify  your inner battles
  •  Understand and articulate what your motivations are
  •  Use these as a basis for self awareness in a loving self dialogue
  •  Identify with a compassionate Higher Self
  •  Release negative patterns and fears in the moment (the meditation)
  •  Trust that you have a plan and it's good one!
  •  Find your way back to your ideal self (and life)
  •  Learn how to accept compromise and not become diminished in the process
  •  Apply the new skills/awareness in daily practice

The Cosmic Triage™ series has been designed with a non-denominational outlook although encouragement is given towards faith in a "higher power" ~ this power is referred to as God in my healing circles.  References to Angelic beings, Saints, Prophets, Christ and Christ consciousness are also utilized.