Q&A with Ashamarae & Saint Germain

Presented by Awakening From Within

Ask those questions that matter to you most, and receive directly from the perspective of unconditional love.   A deeply supportive and enlightening experience. 



Friday, April 26, 2013

7-9pm in the Sedona Room.


Booking in advance (preferred), or cash at the door accepted.

To book call us at 641-469-3030, e-mail us at: info@awakeningfromwithin.com,

or visit our website  http://www.awakeningfromwithin.com 

 Also Offered: April 27th 'SACRED HEART WORKSHOP Investment is $88.  Joint book both events for $88.




Recent Experiences With Awakening From Within

"Hi all loved ones, I want to send you lot's and lot's of gratitude for the team and Ashamarae. I am very happy to have been there and listened to some amazing messages. Thank you."  D

"I had quite a wake up call during the Q&A with Saint Germain. The answers shared were truly revealing and brought about much self reflection that lead me to 'clean house' within my mental self of contents I've been filling it with. The realization is helping me to come back to a place of innocence.  I want to say thank you for helping us to see through the simplicity of a loving heart in action." S.

"WOW WOW WOW! Thank you so much for being. Right now I seem to be feeling every emotion there is!! Big belly laughs too as I hear the answers to my question..."  K.

Awakening From Within is a team of dedicated light-workers brought together by Saint Germain, who work with ‘Great Spirit’ to support the awakening of consciousness. Our mission is to be of service to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. 

For more details and direct experience of our work visit: www.awakeningfromwithin.com

Ashamarae McNamara

Ashamarae has spent his whole life in the world of spirituality, his mother and grandmother being mediums for spirit who also facilitated groups in support of people’s lives. He works with many Masters in the seen and unseen worlds and his life in service began 11 years ago with one of his most beloved guides ‘Red Feather’. He was then commissioned in 2006 by Saint Germain to serve this particular consciousness.

He currently travels world wide giving workshops, retreats and facilitates transformational experiences for groups, as well as hosting many international calls so that people can come together, in the heart, from all over the world. He is a channel, author, energy healer and is deeply devoted to the Goddess in the form of the Divine Mother.

Ashamarae's expression in this life takes form as a loving husband, father and a dedicated servant of love.

Ashamarae’s website: http://www.awakeningfromwithin.com