Inspired Intention ~ Riding the Wave of the Solar Eclipse

Presented by Judee Hallee, Clare Elisabeth, Kim McDermott

Claire Elizabeth

Clare Elizabeth is an ordained Minister, Doctor of Divinity, and an accredited teacher of Metaphysics. She studied voice and piano specializing in Gregorian chants and choral, worked at a French convent boarding school and was raised by parents who were highly gifted musicians.  At age 33 she experienced a life after death phenomenon wherein she was instructed in the Art of Healing through Sound Vibration by a group of Angelic Beings.

Sound Vibration heals by opening up areas of excess pressure and creating the space to rebalance our body harmonies. Individual Spiritual Counseling / 12 Strand DNA  Activation / Past Life Clearings / Regridding the Auric Field to the 5th Dimension / Facilitator of Weddings, Birthings and Passings.

With the services of Amazing Grace therapy one can be assured of a unique experience that graces both the mind and temple of human spirit in a customized one-on-one session that is good for the body and soul.

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Kim McDermott

Kim’s study of energy over twelve years has included Breath Work, Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation and Aura Photography. Her passion is to share information about energy, and uses many ways to help people connect with and become more aware of their life force, that of the planet and the Universe.

Kim’s Aura Imaging System helps you see your Aura/Energy field at that precise moment in time. She shares with you how becoming more aware of your Energy Field can be valuable in creating balance in all areas of you life.

She offers sessions in: Interactive Aura Imaging, Inner Journey’s and Meditation.

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Judee Hallee

Judee loves helping people become conscious of what’s up for them. It’s about reaching new perspectives, guiding people toward empowering choices, opening hearts to self awareness and getting the big AH HA! This life is a journey. The more aware we become on our path, the more love, joy and inspiration we have available.

She was born with the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience and is a  gifted psychic, tarot card reader, medium, spiritual counselor, and teacher.  Judee uses her gifts to channel messages from spirit which open people to a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of their life, relationships, career path, finances and more. She gets to what is essential and is able to communicate deep and intricate concepts and perspectives so they can be understood and applied to life in a practical way.

The vision Judee holds is to be a catalyst for the spiritual growth and evolution of all with whom she connects. In her sessions, she holds a sacred space and opens a doorway to Divine Grace so you may align with your individual truth and intuitive guidance. Her work is about the empowerment of the individual to make positive choices about the events that are coming up in their life and to help them create a frame work from which to proceed.

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This Eclipse is bringing in heart centered sensitivity toward each other, the earth and humanity. Come join us to align yourself with this transformational pathway through Intuitive Guidance, Auric Expansion, and Sound Vibration. Each participant will receive a Before & After Aura Photo with analysis, an  Intuitive Reading, and a Sound Vibration Balancing.  Facilitated by Judee Hallee, Clare Elisabeth and Kim Mc Dermott.  Join us in the Art Cabin on Saturday:

July 2, 2011

1:00 to 4:00 pm 

Cost for all services listed above: $97. 

For more information contact Judee at (928) 300-9833