Presented by Carol Nicholson, Certified Medium and Instructor

In this inspirational and interactive workshop, you will learn the beginnings of how to blend your energies with those of the World of Spirits and discover how to direct this force to achieve true communication with them. You will realize how easy it is to utilize your own psychic powers to obtain messages from the Deceased, Angels, and Guides. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced student, find out how to use this valuable information in your day to day life and receive wonderful guidance from The Higher Realms.

  •   Tap into your own natural Mediumship abilities
  •   Discover your unique channels for achieving connection with the other side
  •   Learn about Earthbound Spirits and protect yourself from unwanted energies
  •   Use your Spirit Guides and Angels as helpers
  •   Achieve contact and receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over

In this powerful two hour workshop, Carol will show you how to delve into your mind, your energy centers, and your heart to connect with the astral world beyond our own. This event is a rare opportunity for you to get your feet wet with real Spirit communication. You will learn in a few simple steps how to blend your energy field with the world of Spirits and you will discover how to immediately quiet your mind to receive clear and heartfelt messages from loved ones who have crossed over as well as divine spiritual guidance.

This workshop has been created for the aspiring medium and for those wishing to evolve spiritually by safely opening to the higher realms. The experiential exercises are relaxed, fun, and yet packed full of valuable training. Time for questions will be allowed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011, in the Sedona Room, 7-9pm.

$15 at the door. RSVP not necessary. No checks please.

Bring a notebook. No one under 18.

Those who attend will receive a FREE digital copy of our Paranormal Investigating Handbook.
This workshop precedes our Weekend Seminar held in Sedona on June 18th & 19 th.  

   Details: Ph: 480-747-0811



What Previous Students Have to Say…

“Imagine Spirit is where I really learned how to use my Mediumship with confidence. The training is truly awesome! “ ~ Jeffrey M., Phoenix, AZ

“I have recently bought your Mediumship courses and would just like to say that I am very impressed with them. I am a natural medium and have taught myself many things with the help of spirit, I am also a practicing medium, doing readings and helping out at different circles. I have been amazed at how wonderful your course is and the exercises are so much more effective than the ones that are being taught in the circles I go to. Thank You!" ~ D. K., Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you so much for my reading! You have no idea how much this means to me. It helps me a lot in seeing things in a better perspective. I’ve told you the first time you did a reading for me that you are a great teacher well I am even more convinced now. It’s true, my western education does make it hard to understand to contact with a spirit, any spirit, but thanks to you I am learning a lot. The Mediumship Home Course is just what I needed as there are no Mediumship training schools near me." ~ Ingrid S., Belgium, Europe

"Imagine Spirit classes accelerated my knowledge, growth, and confidence in my abilities to perceive spirit world. The one on one contact and ability to ask questions, take the time necessary and learn this material, were very important in learning about the spirit world and how it operates and, seeing my own abilities to interact with it. I was astonished at the abilities these classes helped me to realize that I have." ~ L. L., Chandler, AZ — Graduated Certified Medium, 2009

About Carol Nicholson

Certified Medium, Carol Nicholson, is also a clinical hypnotherapist, professional psychic, astrologer, and author. In 2001 she left her corporate managerial career behind and began her school, Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Certified in 1985 as a Psychic and Medium, Carol’s lively and interactive presentations have attracted many for readings and to her classes. She has been doing spiritual counseling for over 25 years and has taught nationwide.

In addition, Carol has worked with well-known individuals in the field of the Paranormal such as Loyd Auerbach (seen on the History Channel and often mentioned on SyFys, “Ghost Hunters”). Her best known investigation was aboard the very haunted retired aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Hornet.  She has attended extended workshops with James Van Praague, Doreen Virtue, and John Holland bringing added insights into her training. Carol has also appeared on radio and television. She now resides in Montgomery, Alabama.

Our Weekend Mediumship Training Intensive

Our 2-Day Mediumship Intensive is designed for beginners as well as those who wish to increase their current skills. Those who attend the 2-hour workshop at the Creative Living Center, will receive a special discount for attending the Weekend Intensive.

Upon registration, you will receive electronically, the 250 page Mediumship Training Handbook.

Please contact Carol for more details and pricing. Ph: 480-747-0811 Details>>

Seize this rare opportunity to start your spiritual training with a qualified medium.

The 2-day seminar intensive will be held at another location in Sedona, AZ.