Awakening the Kundalini/QuantumHealing/Synchronicity Program from Pranava® Yoga

Presented by Dr. Hasmukh Taylor

Dr. Hasmukh Taylor, Doctor of Metaphysical Science (former Professor of Yoga at University of Central Florida), presents a revolutionary science of Yoga/Healing based on Quantum Holographic Awareness, which has already helped thousands around the world. After many years of successfully training and lecturing, the Program is offered for the first time in Sedona.

This Program is dedicated to all interested in awakening their Kundalini in a scientific and logical manner and the true understanding of how the world must be perceived in the holographic sense through synchronicity, proven to powerfully affect the divine matrix, to restore perfect health and well being in all areas of life.

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

 1-5pm in The Great Room

 Tickets:  $100at the door

Due to limited spaces call Avi at 1-800-AUM-YOGA for early reservations to avoid disappointment.

This presentation will outline the Kundalini as Divine Matrix in a very exciting and simple way through Theory, Procedure and Process, whereby one can foresee how one can be free from the Matrix in a scientific and logical way. "It is a way whereby intelligence has to acknowledge it without a shadow of doubt. You can bet on it" , proclaims Dr. Taylor. The presentation also encompasses an introduction to the Physical Hologram and discussion of the Divine Hologram.

This Divine Hologram is the Non-local, simultaneous – everywhere and everything Matrix. 

The Quantum Hologram – itself. It is a great Being – the Order of metaverse itself.


Testimonial from The Dean, University of Central Florida
"Please be advised that I am Dean of the Education Department of the University of Central Florida.  Dr. Hasmukh Taylor has been teaching as an Instructor at our university since 2005, specifically in the Burnett Honors program. He teaches the highly innovative and popular "Indian Culture: Music, Dance and Yoga" class.  He also holds Yoga related workshops that are well attended by Honors students.  These are professional level classes and workshops.  And Dr. Taylor's masters and doctoral degrees in the areas of metaphysical psychology are necessary and appropriate to his qualifications to teach them.

His extensive knowledge and expertise allows him to translate and interpret the metaphysical components of the yoga discipline for the university level students. And allows him to compare and contrast high level related concepts in Eastern Philosophy with Western psychological and philosophical concepts for the students. I have attended several of his classroom lectures, and he professionally, and skillfully, integrates these different concepts into a comprehensive educational presentation. Dr. Taylor's expertise and classroom pedagogy were of great benefit to the UCF Honor's students.

I am further aware that Dr. Taylor is planning to teach similar professional level classes and workshops at the Pranava Yoga institute.  I have reviewed the curriculum and details of these educational classes and workshops and have found them to be similar in content and level to the classes that he taught at the University of Central Florida. And as a professional educator, and Dean of a college education department, I can say that these classes require a teacher with a related PH.D level education, such as that held by Dr. Taylor.  The classes involve sophisticated psychological and philosophical concepts that require extensive education, knowledge and skill of the teacher.  And Dr. Taylor's degrees, are not only relevant, but are in my opinion necessary to successfully teach the classes."

                                                                                                                                           Dean, Alvin Y. Wang, Ph.D


Dr. Hasmukh Taylor, highly experienced faculty, graduated with Honors from Imperial College, University of London in 1974. Very early in life his deep spiritual interests found expression in Yoga. But it was only matter of time before he became convinced that there was more in life than shown to the orthodox. While still very young, he began to study at a deeper level Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, and all psychic phenomena. The intense drive and determination characterized this research. He became deeply engrossed in Spiritual Healing. He mastered the science of all Yogas and finally became one with The Source under the Guidance of his Master.

He promotes the highest teachings of ancient science of Yoga which could be used to solve many pressing problems of modern life, eliminate obstacles that keeps one from reaching pure potentiality and to bring about expanded states of Consciousness, Self-healing and ultimately free one’s Self and Soul. He is an author of three Books namely: Shri Guru Gita, The Anatomy of Siddha Yoga, and The Elite Doctrine of Siddha Yoga currently been sold on September 12, 2010, he has been awarded Doctorate of Metaphysical Science on his Dissertation on “The Divine Theory of Everything” which scientifically proves that Universe is a Hologram. The Thesis proposes a new model of Reality based in the research left by David Bohm (leading Quantum physicist and discoverer of Plasma, the man Einstein once spoke of as his intellectual successor) and the direct experience of Consciousness through Yoga.

Lastly, Hasmukh Taylor has pioneered the first ever Yoga Course integrated with Music and Dance based on Indian Philosophy with Theory and Practical exams at The Burnett Honors College, University of Central Florida in Fall 2005. Since then it has been a great success and it has been scheduled for the next five years. The Yoga Course is unique in its approach. It draws views and philosophy from great feature movies like The Matrix, Star Wars, The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Bullet Proof Monk, and Bruce Almighty to name but a few. The Course was a great success and finished in Summer 2010. 

Currently, he is promoting ‘The Divine Theory of Everything’ using Quantum Holographic Principle by conducting seminars with World Conferences such as ‘Science and Non-Duality, 2009 held in San Raphael, CA. and ‘Toward Science of Consciousness, 2010 held in Tucson, Arizona and further invited and gave a presentation as a concurrent speaker by Dr. Stuart Hammeroff (University of ArIzona) in May 2011, Stockholm, Sweden alongside Dr. Roger Penrose (University of Oxford) and Dr. Deepak Chopra to give true perspective on how Consciousness forms a Quantum Hologram through Yoga based on experience.

Benefits from attending the presentation

There are a growing number of people in the West who are experiencing Kundalini with much confusion, and turning to medical, psychiatric, parapsychological and new-age healing facilities which are not oriented to or experienced in the handling of the Kundalini process. Many aspirants are concerned about the possibilities of dangers involved in the self-taught Kundalini-Yoga. The presentation allows one to learn to work with and control the inner energies.

Various studies on Yoga has proven that Yoga meditation and Yoga therapy have more health benefits on several conditions such as high blood pressure, strain, pain, asthma, and some other mental health problems.

Most of the Spiritual Ailments arise from not having 'Balance' and 'Focus' in one's Self.  Many of us also want help in managing our emotions and inner lives.  We become frustrated, sad, angry, and jealous. Sometimes our responses can be more problematic then the situations that caused them.

  • A few words spoken in anger can do more harm on a grand scale to a friendship or love relationship.
  • Depression can become so severe that it drives everyone and everything from us.
  • Longings and obsessions isolate us.

This presentation can help you gain clarity about life, your purpose, and yourself.

By attending the course all known Spiritual Ailments can be rectified in full on permanent basis.