An Earth Lover’s Rendezvous About Hope and Solutions

featuring Adele Seronde and Lisa Dahl

An Earth Lover’s Rendezvous About Hope and Solutions 
Enjoy Music, Book Debuts, Poetry and Speakers

Featured authors:  Adele Seronde“Our Sacred Garden-The Living Earth”,  and Lisa Dahl - “The Elixir of Life:  Finding Love and Joy in the Passionate Pursuit of Food ”.  

Speakers on the subject of respecting and restoring the earth and creating community will be Tom O’Halleran, Keep Sedona Beautiful President;  Richard Sidy, Gardens for Humanity President;  Katrina Themlitz, Founder of Sedona’s First Farmers Market;  and others. PoetryAdele Seronde and Christopher Lane.  Magical music by Fitzhugh Jenkins and Band

Sunday, May 29, 2011,

2-4pm in the Great Room.

Admission: $10 to benefit Gardens for Humanity’s Educational Programs. 

Author’s books will be for sale.

Cookies and iced tea will be available. 

Hosted by James Bishop, Jr., author of the forthcoming “Tales of the Pink Nectar Café.” 


Our Sacred Garden-The Living Earth offers means of fostering hope in the face of disastrous environmental crises. It is an exploration of the meaning of gardens as a microcosm of our Earth.

“I advocate gardens as both symbolic and actual ways of changing and healing ourselves, our communities, and our planet.”  ~ Adele Seronde


The idea for this book began to germinate in 1987, when she joined a group on a tour to visit the Chalice Gardens in Glastonbury, England.

So profoundly moved was she by the meaning and beauty of the Chalice Well that she felt that her lifetime of loving nature had crystallized into a mission: to help emulate and create such gardens of the spirit around the world and to create  this book of paintings, photos, poetry and text, which has been 20 years in the making.

The essence of this book is to show how gardens of the spirit can grow through the hearts and hands of enlightened communities.


“I was so excited to order this cookbook since I have eaten at the Author's outstanding restaurants many times! It far surpassed my expectations since it is more than a cookbook. Firstly, the photos are a feast for the eyes, the recipes are simple yet spectacular... you can't wait to recreate them all! Lisa takes you through her passion for excellent food, good ingredients and life. It's a book you want to read and savor from the cover to cover; a beautiful read with scrumptious results.”  Marie P.

“My wife and I have had the good fortune to eat at both of Lisa Dahl's wonderful restaurants in Sedona, AZ. When we had the opportunity to see her new book "The Elixir Of Life", we could not stop raving about the content and the incredible quality of the photography and overall publication. This book is a must for anyone who enjoys food, cooking, or just wants to look at the fabulous pictures and read an amazing story. This book is a masterpiece and incredibly beautiful.”  D. Bartick

 “When you cook with love ~ you feed the soul” - Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Lisa Dahl’s journey is beautifully chronicled in The Elixir of Life. Part cookbook & part Travel Journal, Elixir evokes flavor and style. Our customers loved Lisa and ate up her book!” - NapaStyle

“Lets get a display of your books in my store NOW!!! - I am very excited about having you do book signings in as many stores as you can get to...especially here at Scottsdales Biltmore!” - Borders

Lisa Dahl

Lisa Dahl is co-owner and Executive Sous-Chef for the award-winning restaurants, Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano and Cucina Rustica. Dahl describes her humble beginnings in the world of cooking as a self proclaimed “peasant chef”.  With no formal experience, she has honed her techniques in Italian cuisine in her home kitchen and throughout her culinary venture. The outcome has been nothing less than outstanding, with her concepts garnering endless amounts of praise.

After the loss of her son, Lisa Dahl’s journey from San Francisco to Sedona would ignite personal healing, self growth and spirituality. For years, Lisa and her son Justin lived as mom and son in Marin County, California. They loved to eat, cook for friends and had always planned on opening a family restaurant together. On March 27th, 1994, her beloved son lost his life as a Good Samaritan when he tried to prevent a robbery in San Francisco.

Acting upon a passionate calling from her heart to relocate to Sedona, Dahl found the perfect vista to emanate her and Justin’s vivacity for Italian fare. In memoriam of the life her son lived, she founded Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano with her business partner Andrea Di Luca. Following the success of Dahl & Di Luca, the duo embarked on a new Italian concept, Cucina Rustica, which is also in Sedona.

Following her success as a restaurateur, Dahl wanted to share her passion for nature’s organic goods with others, by distributing a taste of her own culinary art form. By means of her cookbook, “The Elixir of Life”, she can distribute the joy that Italian cuisine and fresh produce creates in her life.  Included is a DVD that coincides with the book. The DVD delves deeper into the journey through Italy with breathtaking photography, remarkable people and original music inspired by the imagery.

From simple soups to sauces, from salads to side dishes, “The Elixir of Life” covers the essential necessities for creating a meal. The book serves up profound correlations of travel, spirituality and cuisine. Dahl takes the reader on a tour of Tuscany, Italy, followed by a warm reception in the red rocks of Sedona and the inner pathways of her soul.

It is an in-depth look into the life, experiences and inspirations that shape an Italian chef. For Lisa Dahl, one of the essential elixirs of life is cooking, something everyone can enjoy.

Adele Seronde

Gardens have been an enduring part Adele Seronde’s life since she was a child in New England and was struck by their stunning colors—crimson, scarlet and gold­---and by the way the earth is soft in her hand after a rain and how the planting of one small shoot sends a feeling of love into her being. She even finds that a mindless happiness comes over her when she is pulling weeds.

Born in 1925, the daughter of a statesman father, artist mother, and grandparents who were all fervent gardeners, she spent many  childhood weekends on the family farm learning how to plant, weed and harvest flowers and crops. Her father’s words during those early years still ring in her ears: “If you have ideas, you are responsible for bringing them to life.”  

That advice and those early gardens have been the force behind many of her life’s accomplishments as a poet, painter, mother, and grandmother, now “Green Great-Grandmother" all the while creating gardens of her own, and weaving nature’s colors into her poetry and paintings.

Apart from that, she is known as a passionate activist. In 1968, for example, when cities were burning after Martin Luther King’s death, she helped to initiate what became the Mayor of Boston’s citywide Neighborhood Festival of the Arts, called “Summerthing”.  With neighborhood leaders, Seronde cleaned courtyards and alleys, built gardens and playgrounds and painted murals.  This community work helped to unite the city of Boston.

Another challenge came later when she was President of the Christian A. Herter Center of Environmental Arts. With members, she built an intercommunity garden, giving people of different cultures small plots of their own. This led to teaching gardening in Boston.

Meantime, in 1995, feeling the need for more actual digging, she started Gardens for Humanity, based in Sedona, Arizona, which is still flourishing and has spurred the creation of community gardens across the U.S.  

Seronde is not only an artist of gardens, she is also a prolific master of words with many published poems.  As she said so eloquently, “Through our art, our hands and imaginations, we can bring love back to the Earth, making gardens so beautiful that they heal and transform both ourselves and our world”.

Adele Seronde, is a treasure to our community and to all who have seen the "Gardens", the fruition of her vision and labor of love. In her heart, Seronde believes that today more and more people are awakening to new love—and responsibility—for our Sacred Garden, the Earth.