Crystal Skull Activation Ceremony with the Sounds of Sirius

An Evening with Lia Scallon

Lia Scallon channeling

A Flower for the Altar

Please bring a flower to place on the altar, as a token of your gratitude for the Divine Eternal Mother of us all.

About Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius

Lia Scallon is an Irish-born singer and sound healer now living in Australia. On graduating from Trinity College Dublin, she became an actress and in time, shared the stage and screen with the likes of Liam Neeson, Cate Blanchett, Glen Close and Frances McDormand.

In more recent years, Lia’s creative talents have taken her on a very different journey!  In 2002, she released the first of her eight Sounds of Sirius albums - exquisite sacred song accompanied by the Language of Light that have a profound healing effect on many listeners.  These recordings are musical meditations that provide a healing balm for the soul.  Lia’s music induces an immediate sense of deep calm and peacefulness - each note and word seems imbued with the energy of pure Love.

The Healing Power of Sound

Within the field of Sound Healing/Vibrational healing, Lia’s Sounds of Sirius albums are a therapy in their own right. Many therapists who use the music in conjunction with their own work, find that these sacred harmonics add a profound dimension to any healing session, by bringing the client into a much deeper space of receptivity.

People respond to the Sounds of Sirius in a very individual way. Many listeners simply experience deep physical relaxation. Some people also experience emotional release, while others may have spiritual or visionary insights. The consciousness is awoken at a level that is appropriate for the individual listener. Deep levels of the soul can be reached by these sacred melodies, which allows healing to take place.

Lia describes the sacred Light language that accompanies the beautiful melodies of Sirius, as the original language of the Soul.  The soul seems to recognise what is being said and is stirred into remembrance of its true origins.  As the listener responds intuitively to the melodies and words, they find themselves enfolded in a cocoon of peace and relaxation. Many people experience a sense of having ‘come home’.

It is Lia’s sincere hope that each person who hears her Sounds of Sirius CD's will feel nurtured and healed in a very deep and special way.



Irish-born Australian singer and sound healer Lia Scallon, invites you to participate in a rare event in the presence of her crystal skulls, Jomcata Mayab and She’Shona.  Lia will share the experiences of her Crystal Skull journeys to many of the world’s most sacred sites. Then in a beautiful ceremony, she will channel the exquisite melodies and Light Language of the Sounds of Sirius to activate the energies within the skulls and within your soul, to connect you with the ancient knowledge within the crystal skulls. Lia’s unique vocal harmonics have a profoundly healing effect upon the listener, creating a deep sense of calm and peacefulness. You may bring your own skull or personal crystal to place beside Lia’s skulls, so that it too may receive the ancient wisdom that will be activated on that evening!  For more information visit     Email

Lia has circled the globe with her skulls, visiting many sacred places.  Just recently in Mexico, she reconnected with a powerful Mayan Crystal Skull she met in 2006 in the Yucatan Peninsula, when Jomcata Mayab sat beside the Atlantis skull in several temple ceremonies.  At last year’s World Mysteries 09-09-09 conference in Arizona, Lia’s skulls joined many of the world’s famous and ancient skulls – Synergy, Sha-Na-Ra, Rainbow, Rosie, Maya, Sam BOB, Tibetan skulls Luzi, Ezorok, Amar and the extraordinary Orb of Atlantis when these skulls came together for the first time in history!  Lia will reunite with a host of international presenters again this year, for the World Mysteries 10.10.10 conference in nearby Tempe, Arizona – Oct. 8-11th.  Join Lia  on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 in the Sedona Room from 7:30-9 pm where she will share her experiences of her Crystal Skull journeys with you.


Lia Skulls Jomcata Mayab and She’Shona

Each person will receive an individual healing blessing, channeled through Lia especially for them, as well as the group energy which creates a powerful amplification, intensity and synergy. 



What others have said about Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius

“There is magic in Lia’s voice that transcends the barriers of time and culture”.   - Conscious Living magazine

“ This music uplifts and thrills me”.   -Living Now magazine

“It is hard to believe that any terrestrial being would not respond to this sacred sighing….”   - Zone Music Reporter, USA

“Lia’s beautiful voice is reminiscent of Enya”.   - Awareness Magazine - USA

 “Lia's voice is spectacular -  it reaches right into the soul, She helps the listener to achieve a state of absolute well-being and inner peace”.   - of Spain