Linking Science with Consciousness
presented by
Debra Poneman & Mr. Mahendra Trivedi


Debra Poneman is an award-winning keynote speaker, seminar leader and author.  Mr. Trivedi is amongst the speakers at Sage and Scientists Symposium hosted by the Deepak Chopra Foundation.  Thousands claim that they have been cured of diseases through Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmissions that modifies the faulty information in their bodies.  Saturday, January 23, 2010, 6-9pm. Mr. Trivedi will offer a presentation on the Scientific Findings of his blessings and then will provide a Group Energy Transmission that may transform your information fields so you may experience enhanced health and well being .  Donations Accepted.  To schedule a private Energy Transmission contact Audra: or call 928-284-2299.  Visit


Over 5000 Scientific Research Studies have demonstrated Mr. Trivedi’s Energy Transmissions on the following:

  • Crop yields increased up to 500% without fertilizer.

  • Crops showed signifificant increase in nutritional value

  • Immunity in plants increased up to 639%

  • Human cancer cells converted to noncancerous cells

  • HIV and Hepatitis (b & c )Viral load reduction up to 99.81%

  • Antibiotic sensitivity of harmful bacteria signifificantly altered

  • Genus and species altered in harmful bacteria

  • Up to 80% reduction in radioactivity of highly polluted water.

  • Other potential strides in human wellness have been documented.

Mr. Trivedi’s mission is to bring about social and economic change by integrating humanity, consciousness and science. To bring about total health and wellness so people may achieve physical, mental, emotional, financial sexual health and well being. He has demonstrated unprecedented beneficial effects of this new science, through more than 5000 research studies.



  “Mr. Trivedi has a personal truth that ignites a new beginning in people that he has blessed. Blessings of prosperity, more clarity and more aware of my personal Divinity”
      - Marla, Cottonwood, AZ

 “The first thing I noticed after Mr. Trivedi's Thought Transmission was the feeling of absolute peace and calm all the way to my core.  The second was the absence of thought.  My mind was crystal clear and void of any thing but pure awareness of the now.  Then came the energy; I felt more energy flowing through my body than I can remember.The peace, tranquility, energy and clarity have increased in the last few weeks.  The changes I have experienced seem to be a permanent part of me.”
      - Patrick, Sedona AZ

“I have a much deeper experience of the Divine since Mr. Trivedi's Thought Transmission. I have greater physical strength and endurance, require significantly less sleep, more vivid dreams and greater clarity during work hours. My skin feels softer and more pliable”
      - Chaz, Sedona AZ

 “Mr. Trivedi's Thought Transmission directed my inner eye and heart into an integrated alignment with the most important thing in this life - LOVE.”
      - Audra, Sedona, AZ


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