Medical Intuitive "Body Scanning"
with Jason Ward

You are invited to join Jason on Saturday, November 21st, 2009, from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Sedona Room for an evening of insights into the body to discover the physical imbalances and how to return the body to its own natural state of health.  Body Scanning is the process where Jason is able to view the human anatomy in 3D.  A few participants may be asked to participate in a brief body scan.  The presentation is from 6:30 to 7:30 pm with a question and answer period following.  Tickets available at the door for $20.  For more information visit, e-mail at or call 817-909-9725.

Jason Ward has been a Medical Intuitive since 1992. Born in Wichita, Kansas on February 26, 1979, he was born under the total eclipse of the sun.  Jason first discovered his gift of scanning the human body at the age of 13.  His scanning process allows him to see the human body in a three dimensional view. His scanning abilities can see a tiny blocked corpuscle behind an eyeball interfering with a patient's vision causing migraines, to a more difficult scanning of the blood for chemical imbalances.

Jason feels obligated to always address a necessary review of the nutritional need of the human body with each scan. He is capable of scanning by talking with you over the phone. Recently, Jason had received a phone call from the emergency room where a new client had no success with the 7 specialist finding a solution for his severe chronic pain. From 1800 miles away Jason was able to accurately scan him as if he was standing there in front of him.  In most cases, a solution to a problem is to find an alternative method.  Jason is the alternative.

This is how it works:

First I scan the body in 3D with what can be described as, in very simple terms, X-ray vision seeing the entire human anatomy beneath the surface of the skin. My sights move to the left or to the right, up, down between the muscle fibers, into the tissue, entering into the center of the blood cells or bone marrow. My gift to scan can even go as detailed as down to seeing the messages leaving the brain command center to the trauma area and whether the message is a misfiring wire or just set on repeat and cannot shut itself off. Some day I would like to work more with epilepsy and would like to guide a surgeon into what I see in a scanning. The scanning also allows me to see the cells to determine if the body is being properly fueled nutritionally or if there has been a pattern of unhealthy foods consumed, allergies to foods or environmental issues, continuing all the way down to the psychological reasons the body will not process, distribute, or eliminate the disorder or disease. Once the suggestions on a diet change have been addressed it usually leads successfully to healing the body with a safe recovery. Dietary changes always leads to the body healing itself, with only the extreme cases needing surgery or chemotherapy.


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