The Call to Mastery: Walk the Earth as a Living Master
facilitated by Kamala Julianne Everett

The Ascended Masters are calling you to live from an entirely new state of being.  Move beyond the limited ego self into the freedom and abundance of your unlimited Master Self now!  Learn how to fully embody your Presence and walk the earth as a Living Master.  Kamala Julianne Everett, author of Heart Initiation: Preparing for Conscious Ascension, has been working with the Ascended Masters for over 35 years.

Join Kamala for live transmissions followed by questions in the Sedona Room on Saturday, November 7, 2009, from 7-9 pm for Part I, and Sunday, November 8 from 1-4 pm for Part II.  Part I $20, Part II $40, both $55.  Payment can be made at the door.  Online Courses and free monthly newsletters are presently available at www.WalkTheEarthAsALivingMaster.comTo receive more information, email info@WalkTheEarthAsALivingMaster.

Heart Initiation by Kamala Julianne Everett,

These meetings are opportunities for you to gather in Council with the Ascended Masters.  They will be introducing you to principles that you can use for amplifying your mastery and embodying your purpose in being here during these pivotal times.  These principles all exist above the chaos, fear and confusion that are presently being demonstrated in so much of the world.

The Masters will offer Lightwork exercises for assimilating the powerful energies that are presently stimulating the dormant strands of your DNA so you can remember your true inheritance within your original encoding from Source.  These amplifications are here to usher you through the great Shift of the Ages.

In Part I and Part II, you will be assisted by the Ascended Masters guidance specifically for these pivotal times.  The Masters will be introducing frequencies to awaken the original encoding seeded within your heart.  They will also be introducing you to a spiral of energy designed to harmonize all 13 of your major Spiritual Centers with the unified field of your heart to assist you in the embodiment of your Presence or Master Self.  There will be live transmissions on both days and time set aside for asking questions of the Masters.

Kamala Julianne Everett and Sharon Rose

Kamala Julianne Everett and Sharon Rose were guided by the Masters to create an Unveiled Mystery School offering Courses designed to assist humanity in realizing their Mastery during these pivotal times.  These Courses, created from transmissions given by the Ascended Masters, are available online at

For thousands of years, these great Masters have remained devoted to assisting humanity in embodying the Presence.  The Presence as the Master Self is encoded within the core essence of every heart.  When enough of humanity is not only mentally and spiritually awakened, but also physically and emotionally living as their Master Self, then Unity or Christ consciousness can become the true foundation for the next generation and the next Golden Age.  As the lines between dimensions dissolve, the ascension is being seen for what it truly is: the continuous movement of consciousness into vaster and more expanded levels of freedom, abundance and joy.


Testimonials from the Introductory Course

“The changes that have occurred during the past five weeks have been incredible! This Course has really changed my life.” - P.M.

“I now experience the Presence eternally walking with me. I have had body and emotional issues healed. And I have a new understanding of human sexuality and embracing the wholeness within the Self. I have let go of abandonment and grief issues and welcomed my divine partner as already a part of myself. I am now experiencing peace and stability of consciousness in all circumstances. I have created greater abundance, and I have established balance in all my relationships. Thank you for these many benefits and so much more.” -M.R.

“I feel so grateful for all the tools and knowledge and processes that have helped me love myself and, therefore, love others more. I have experienced a major breakthrough in my relationships.” - K.G.

“This Course has shown me how to let go of past experiences and future projections that are no longer needed so I may live in my Presence. These classes have taught me how to live in balance, harmony, clarity, joy, love, and peace, as well as to honor the Divine Presence in all. I now experience feeling ‘whole’ and connected with all other beings.” - N.H.

“As a result of this Course, I have discovered my true vocation. My heart is filled with gratitude.” - A.V.

“Thank you for providing the space for the Master teachers to come through. I have come to know my Self, my Presence in a whole new way. Finding a deep peace and space of joy and love has been divine.” – L.H.

“In these fast changing times, it is the Divine and Angelic realm that seem to be the most meaningful and uplifting. Thank you for bringing that realm down to earth and for teaching us how to become part of it.” - C.M.

“The Lightwork Exercises are so rich - every time I go to them I discover more and more. I am forever grateful!” - A.K.

“This work is the dearest thing to my heart and I have benefited deeply already from just the first class!” - W.S.


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