AMMA Therapy® Lecture and Demo
with Maria Troia

Join Maria Troia, MSEd, LMT, NCTMB, CH for a lecture and demonstration of AMMA Therapy® on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 from 7-10 pm in the Art Cabin.  The fee for this event is $10 in advance, and $15 at the door.  Call to pre-register: 480-313-6260.  AMMA Therapy® is a system of healing with origins dating back approximately 5,000 years to the period of the Yellow Emperor, Hwang Ti.  It was brought to the United States from Korea by the late Tina Sohn, co-founder of the largest holistic healing center on the east coast.  As AMMA Therapy® is based on the Five Elements, it seeks to discover the root cause of disease and places a strong emphasis on the role of the emotions in healing.

AMMA Therapy® has been described as a “revolutionary form of wholistic bodywork,” and incorporates other elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The success of AMMA Therapy® is reliant upon the development of the practitioner, specifically the sensitivity skills of the practitioner, and the ability to center and focus one’s energy. 

The late Mrs. Tina Sohn was healing sensitive, descended from a royal line of TCM healers.  Along with her late husband, Dr. Robert Sohn, she founded the Wholistic Health Center on Long Island and authored what is called the only comprehensive text on Asian bodywork incorporating Eastern and Western medical principles.

AMMA Therapy® has been used in private practice, in the spa setting, and also in the hospital setting.  It was successfully introduced into several hospitals, including New York’s Bellvue hospital, through the Wholistic Nursing Program at the Wholistic Health Center, now known as the New York College of Health Professions.

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Maria Troia

Maria Troia a healing intuitive who received her training in AMMA Therapy® at the New York College of Health Professions, where she went on to serve as instructor and student clinic supervisor.   Maria is a Master’s Level educator with two degrees from Hofstra University.  She came to the healing arts as a patient in 1997 after a car accident with a drunken driver.  Having a background in western medicine, she turned to that system to heal her injuries.  When it failed her, Maria began an exploration into alternative medicine that changed her life and started her on a new path.

Maria has since dedicated her career to educating others about energy medicine and holism.  Her goal as therapist and teacher is to treat clients and students with the same level of patience and respect her own healers and teachers have given her. 

Client Testimonials

I have been a headache sufferer for many, many years. They would last for weeks, sometimes months.  I recently had a very bad ten day headache to the point of such severe nausea with simple head movement that it was impossible to function or sleep peacefully. I did an intensive headache treatment (3 consecutive days) with Maria. It was miraculous. My headache is gone, neck and face pain gone, I'm sleeping peacefully and pain free, and have no more need for drugs. I feel like a new person.  Anyone who suffers from serious headaches and wants pain relief without drugs must see Maria. She gave me my life back.
     - Grateful Client,  Sun Lakes, AZ

I first met Maria at the New York College of Health Professions where she was a well respected instructor. I got to know her further while taking a continuing education course for Hot Stone Therapy where she really exhibited her passion for massage therapy and helping people. Maria then joined my team at Cindi A. Prentiss Physical Therapy, PC/Healing Hands Massage Therapy, PC. I cannot begin to explain the positive impact Maria made on my business. She has taken my patients/clients to a whole new level. Patients who suffer from chronic pain, traumatic injuries, repetitive injuries, post surgical, post traumatic stress syndrome, and habitualy poor posture are just a few of what Maria has had truly amazing results with using techniques such as Myofascial Release, Myofascial Unwinding, and AMMA Therapy®.
      - Cindi A. Prentiss Physical Therapy, PC,  Smithtown, New York

I saw a mutual client of ours on Tuesday, and wow, you guys did awesome work together. Her body was so different from how she typically shows up, even emotionally she was different. It was a huge shift. There was such an openness that there wasn't much for me to do with her in our session, except some simple grounding points to keep things moving, and clear a little heat from a skin rash she had. I just wanted to thank you and tell you she also thanked me for referring her to you. Great work, my friend. You are a fabulous healer.
      - Lori Gardner, L.Ac.,  Awakening Spirit. Phoenix, AZ

Maria Troia was my massage therapist when she lived in New York. The problem is that after experiencing Maria's "magic hands" during the amazing massages she gave me, where she drew on her vast knowledge of different methodologies and techniques, I compare every other massage therapist to her . . . and they all fall short! One particular massage was soooo relaxing that my eyes remained half-closed for several days, and that is not an exaggeration! When Maria moved to Arizona, I realized that New York's loss was Arizona's gain. I'll never find anyone like her again!
      - Hope Delane, President,  Executive Consulting Partner, Ltd.,  Long Island, NY


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