The Evolutionary Garment of Living Light
The Resurrection Principle
Where Quantum Physics & Grace Meet

Ground in the New Paradigm


The Evolutionary Garment of Living Light.  Ground in the Goodness of Life, the manifestation of the New Paradigm: Experience offers us Spontaneous, Graceful Evolution - with Shastina Free, M.A., a mystical teacher, pioneer in the field of Spiritual Evolution, since 1987.  Article: Oct/Nov, Four Corners Magazine, by Sedona healer, Bob Brill: Shastina is a spiritual steward, sharing a 'direct experience' of Magdalene's message, beyond time and space, beyond mind, and processing. "The Resurrection Principle: Where Quantum Physics and Grace Meet" accesses the Long-Hidden Nourishing Generative-Feminine Principle for Sacred Evolution...  which is restored as a 'Conscious Function' in one retreat: Manifesting new gifts, expanded Divine Revelation/Inspiration, and a Higher Love. Research: Spiritual Teachers, Buddhist Monks, Doctors: Shastina Free at facebook; (505) 670-4027;


This Spiritual Principle for Evolution is Restored as a ~ Conscious Function.

The more evolved people are, the more they manifest from this environment for Sacred Evolution.

Thursday August 20, 2009,
6:45-8:30 pm in the Art Cabin.  $20
Tuesday  August 25, 2009, 6:45-8:30 pm in the Art Cabin.  $20
Thursday September 10, 2009,
6:45-8:30 pm in the Art Cabin.  $20
Wednesday September 30, 2009, 6:45-8:30 pm in the Art Cabin.  $20
Wednesday October 14, 2009,
8-9:30 pm in the Retreat Room.  $20
Tuesday October 27, 2009, 7-8:30 pm in the Art Cabin.  $20

Please bring pillow or mat to lie on.

Offered by Shastina Free, mystical teacher, pioneer in Spiritual Evolution


WOULD YOU LIKE TO MANIFEST . . . more of your unique gifts, abilities, and the Goodness of Life? As we evolve ~ new manifestations of Life come to us, spontaneously.

TRUTH IS EVER UNFOLDING ITS FRESH PETALS OF LIFE. This "Nourishing Principle of Unity's Generative Feminine" provides a manifestation of Sacred Ground in the New Paradigm: An Evolutionary "Garment of Light" that 'engenders' spontaneous manifestations of ~ the Great Spirit Life ~ as our new gifts, abilities, Divine Revelation, a Higher Love, and A Truly Graceful Quantum Leap. (A Direct Experience: no mind, no process ~ just YES!)

Bring your innocence. Be nourished as the Child of Grace, You Are, in Love's Nature. ENTER A NEW UNIVERSE OF CREATION . . . The Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Dance.

(505) 670-4027 Recommendations by Healers, Doctors, Spiritual Teachers, Scientists, & Buddhist Monks, is on the "Quantum Grace" Healing Recording page: * Shastina Free, at: FACEBOOK (with You Tube link),

Shastina has been a pioneer in Spiritual Evolution since 1987. "The Resurrection Principle" unfolded spontaneously in direct experience and Divine Revelation, as her Life purpose. This Gift restores our direct experience of the Sacred Ground of Consciousness, within manifest experience ~ that 'generates and nourishes' ~ a graceful quantum leap, blossoming the human condition.

“Shastina’s Gift assists people in accessing the Unified State for themselves……to BE a transparency for the God Mind. It allows pure animation……for the creation of our world, and initiations of the soul, beyond imagination. This experience initiated a culmination of thirty years of spiritual work ……still unfolding.
      - "Mary Saint-Marie, Spiritual Teacher, Artist, and Author of, Galactic Shamanism, and, The Holy Sight,
Mt. Shasta, CA


Ground in Ascending Consciousness:  The Garment of Living Light.

I was in a state of Ascension all weekend.  During the Weekend Initiation, I witnessed the pyramidal crystals of light regenerating within the cells of the body.  Then a new ‘Garment of Living Light’ opened throughout the body/mind.  During the two practice experiences, I was able to do the healing in half the normal time, with spontaneous and expanded access to Sprit.”
      - Sarah Chapin, Clairvoyant Teacher/Healer.   “The
Barbara Brennan School of Healing”, NY, NY

QXCI/SCIO data:  Has shown high levels of cellular regeneration, openings of DNA; expansions in brain wave functions and spiritual access; and a balanced electrical flow through the body and nervous system, as seen in advanced yogis.


Quotes from Spiritual Teachers/Students,
Healers, Doctors, and generally great people:

“Shastina’s work assists people in accessing the Unified State for themselves...  to BE a transparency for the God Mind.  It allows pure animation ....  for the creation of our world, and initiations of the soul, beyond imagination.  This experience initiated a culmination of thirty years of spiritual work...  still unfolding.”
Mary Saint-Marie, Spiritual Teacher, Artist, and Author of,
Galactic Shamanism, and The Holy Sight, Mt. Shasta, CA

"RATHER THAN THE SIMPLE HEALING OF CONDITIONS, THE EVOLUTION of the human species is coming to the forefront of our consciousness. The Resurrection Principle fulfills this crucial need. It offers us true regeneration, beyond the limitations of holistic and allopathic systems, and spiritual paths.  It provides a safe and natural  evolutionary leap in the human condition. It anchors the new paradigms of truth in the nervous system. This is an experience of Grace."
      - Dr. Douglas Davies, MD, Neurologist, Spiritual Healer, Santa Barbara, CA, work partner with Shastina for over four years, associate for ten years.

"The 'Spiritual Principle' Shastina shares is an opportunity for coming home to The Real.   My experiences with her have been a rebirth into my Divine Nature."
Nayaret Quezada, Indigenous Shaman, therapist, teacher, Santiago, Chile & Santa Fe, NM

"For many years, I have traveled all over the world visiting spiritual teachers.  Shastina's gift of this Spiritual Principle has been the most profound and grounding experience of my inner Divinity I have ever had!"
      - Ikuyo, Deeksha giver/Oneness Movement, Komatsu, Japan

In 2007, Shastina gave Initiations in the temple at Mount Hakusan, one of Japan's three Sacred Mountains.  Here we had a wonderful breakthrough in the ancient tribal mind, which is an opening for the collective consciousness as well.  Golden Dragons of light emerged from the mountain during the Weekend Initiation.  This was an aspect of Spiritual Consciousness that had been buried for eons . . . a wonderful example of how this Principle regenerates the "natural order" of Consciousness Manifesting Spirit's Nature in the people and also in the greater Nature of our earth.

"This Principle is the aspect of Spirit that we left behind when we entered the experience of duality, one we often call the Divine Feminine."
      - Jeff Bradley, former Religious Science Minister, spiritual guide, Jemez, NM

CD Quantum Grace by Shastina Free
You can hear music from this CD at


For Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and Spiritual Students

RESEARCH: has included Buddhist monks, Medicine People and many very evolved healers and spiritual teachers/spiritual students; as well as children and teenagers, people with dementia, autism, with depression, grief, anxiety, sleep issues, suicidal states; recovering from accidents and surgery; and with people with physical illness; and creative and meditative states.


Healers, spiritual teachers, and spiritual practitioners and students, always report:

  • Greatly expanded access to more of Spirit: Without any effort, people are often catapulted far beyond what they have been working with in the Nature of Spirit...  personally and professionally.

  • The more evolved people are: the more they receive from this Gift...  as they will carve these growing edges for humanity.

  • Healers and Bodyworkers often report that they do not have to work as hard, and more is occurring and grounding  for themselves and their clients.


A new web site is being constructed.  for now, Information
 and Recommendations about this Spiritual Principle is given by
 healers, doctors, spiritual teachers/students, and on the
 "Quantum Grace" Healing Recording web page:

More information about Shastina Free at:
A New Article: On this experience, by Bob Brill, a well know Sedona healer,
is featured in the October-November 2009 issue of
Four Corners Magazine.

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