Farrah Garan

  Tulku Lama Lobsang

Lu Jong: The Five Elements Exercises
taught by Farrah Garan (certified by Tulku Lama Lobsang)

Lu Jong is a series of movements developed in Tibet thousands of years ago for the purpose of self-healing.  It was adapted for the west by Tulku Lama Lobsang.  Appropriate for people of all abilities, these movements gently work with the spine, body channels and navel and heart chakras to create a deep inner balance.  If practiced regularly, the exercises will improve physical and mental health and aid in spiritual development. Sunday, January 25th, 2009, 2 – 5 pm, Sedona Room.  $45 (please register in advance by contacting Farrah at 206-819-0165 or jgscorpio@yahoo.com).  This workshop is a combination of theory and practice.  Participants will learn the Five Elements Exercises, as well as concepts of Tibetan Medicine.  More info at www.tulkulamalobsang.org.


This is the way to open the coarse and subtle chakras of the physical body.
Lu Jong will enable you to maintain a healthy body as well as preventing new diseases.


Tulku Lama Lobsang has certified Farrah to teach Lu Jong and asked her to do so, so that more may benefit from it.  This practice will be particularly helpful for preparing the body for the more advanced practice of Tummo, which he will teach in Sedona in April.


In the words of Tulku Lama Lobsang:

“Lu Jong is a very old Tibetan healing exercise in the Vajrayana tradition. It is a higher technique for opening all of the body’s chakras, which means it opens both the coarse and subtle physical body. The coarse physical body is what ever belongs to the five senses. The subtle body is the 72,000 various channels of the body. If you want to have a very healthy physical body, your coarse and subtle body both need to function very well. Both are very important for anyone that wants to live a long, healthy life. If someone does spiritual practices but does not open the physical—both coarse and subtle—chakras, it will not be possible to reach a higher state of mind. Therefore, if you want to practice spiritual ways, know that your body is the vehicle to reach a higher state of mind, or, in other words, your Buddha nature. This means that you need to use your body to reach this place. Whether or not you are a spiritual person, practicing Lu Jong is a great technique to achieve a healthy body and happy mind. It makes sense for everyone to practice Lu Jong. If you have a body, then it makes complete sense to practice Lu Jong.”


To further enrich your practice, the following resources will be available at the workshop.  If you would like to have them in advance please contact Farrah (info is below).

Lu Jong: Five Elements book              Lu Jong CD ROM             

More information is also available on the web.  Use “Lu Jong” as a search term at www.youtube.com to view the trailer for the DVD (referred to as a CD-rom above because it is in PAL format, which does not play in most US DVD players) and other informational videos.

The website www.tulkulamalobsang.org offers a lot of information about Tibetan Medicine and the context in which Lu Jong developed.  Tulku Lama Lobsang is a teacher in the Tantrayana tradition and there are a series of step-by-step practices one uses to reach a higher state of development.  Lu Jong is the first of these.

“Change one, change all. The physical body is the vehicle for change.”

Theory and Practice

This workshop is a combination of theory and practice.  Participants will be taught the Five Elements exercises as well as a few simple techniques for generating energy.  In addition, context will be provided to enrich the understanding of the benefits of the movements.  Concepts of Tibetan medicine, as well as the role the five elements—archetypal energy forms—play in our physical health and emotional well-being.  The system of channels and chakras in the subtle body will also be discussed.   Therefore, please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring something to take notes with, if you wish to do so.

The Presenter

Farrah J. Garan has worked closely with Tulku Lama Lobsang for seven years—as his student, US Tour Coordinator, and editor of his books and other materials.  She has practiced Lu Jong and Tsa Lung for several years and has dedicated her life to assisting in spreading the deep wisdom of the Tibetan Healing arts.

Her aim is to make these simple—but powerfully effective—movements widely known so that many may benefit from their healing.



It is helpful if participants could register in advance so that we can insure there is sufficient space for movement.  However, we will make all efforts to accommodate anyone who is called to be there!

Please contact Farrah at 206-819-0165 or jgscorpio@yahoo.com to make arrangements.
The cost for the workshop is $45. This can be paid by cash or check. It is best to pay full or partial cost in advance to reserve your place. If space becomes limited—which is likely due to the interest the community has already expressed in this practice—then those who have not committed cannot be guaranteed a place. I assure you will be glad to have committed to learning this powerful practice!


 For further information please contact
Sedona Creative Life Center

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