Starchild Come Home
facilitated by Judith Jubb

Emerge into the Real You; Ascend into the Light Being you are.  “Rethinking ascension: Manifesting Light Work on Planet Earth is the reason to Be Here.  Ascension is not an escape; rather it is a concept of accepting personal destiny during the lifetime on Earth.  As beings created by God our path of self realization is to participate in the evolutionary process here by manifesting good work…”  Join Judith Jubb, clairvoyant, teacher and author as she guides us on an exploration into the blossoming of ascension on the planet; All into Oneness.  Friday, October 10, at 7 pm in the Great Room.  Tickets $25 at the door, or $20 in advance, available at Crystal Magic, Golden Word and The Worm (VOC).  Information and pre-registration or Christie 928-634-9387.  For more information visit

Judith Jubb guides us through the most fascinating journey of All into Oneness through time and space.  Reconnecting with our soular origins brings a new fulfilling awareness of the potentials of our true nature.  Travel through the galaxies of your past to find your destiny in the 21st century.  Reach out and claim that point of light which is your consciousness and place it in your heart to carry you through the adventures ahead here on Earth...  the Path of Ascension is Here...  Do It Now!


  • Experience the mysteries of Human History on the Planet Earth, and our place in the universe from a dynamic perspective.
  • Discover how beings have accomplished amazing feats with guidance from extraordinary teachers including ascended masters.
  • Learn age old techniques of extended sensory perception.
  • Study into the power of the mind as it pertains to prayer and remote viewing.
  • Research into alternative technologies which sustain the diversity of ecosystems, life forms, and cultures.

The Metempyrion Foundation

The Metempyrion Foundation is an Arizona non-profit corporation which offers timeless education for the 21st century.  The data base is a compilation of ancient and timeless universal wisdom handed down by known masters from many cultures around the world.  Another source of enlightened uplifting information is through clairvoyant reception and recorded audio channel over the last 35 years.

The Metempyrion Foundation goal is the integration of planetary awareness toward Oneness as a global community with Creator and cosmos to fulfill humankind’s potential.  The governing body is a Council of Directors who wish to introduce the study program as it is relevant:

From before Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis, Powers and Beings specifically assigned to guide the evolutionary processes on Planet Earth have been interfacing with lifeforms here.  Some of this history can be accessed through the Akashic Records.

Tuning to the individual’s God Connector through a combination of disciplines to enhance intuition and sensitivity is the foundation for personal development towards self realization.  A variety of techniques have been practiced for thousands of years which assist the individual person in identifying the soul’s true potential role during a lifetime.

Judith Jubb

Judith Jubb is a clairvoyant since birth. She is a student of Siddha Yoga and received ‘shaktipat’ from Gurudev Muktananda.  She studied in the 1980’s with Benjamin Bibb, a renown remote healer and then taught ‘Enhancing Intuition’ for three years through the psychology department at Seattle Community Colleges. She has worked with Native American shamans for social tolerance and spiritual balance. Her abilities are widely known and been tested in laboratories at the University of Washington, and Pennsylvania State University. Her ability to change the frequencies of water through intention has been recorded with infrared laser and spectrometer equipment. She is an accurate medical intuitive, using paintings to illustrate what is seen in the physical and etheric bodies of clients.

Metempyrion Foundation
P.O. Box 626, Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Phone 928-634-7619.


"Judith Jubb's expansive —even provocative— thinking has given her a distinctly different perspective on the nature of reality and the relation to consciousness. Her insights based on a being-here-now mindset coupled with a constantly evolving path of self-realization, are the basis for her many talents. Through a lifetime of study, she has learned to employ the power of faith and the energy of spirit to extend her awareness into realms of knowing that few individuals are able to touch."
      - Bill Russell, a former physics professor at Pennsylvania State University, author, inventor, gypsy-trained herbalist, and has trained extensively with Kahuna shamans of Hawaii.


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