A Workshop to Blend
Our Experience of Mind, Body, Spirit

facilitated by Linda Marsanico

On the edge of where we are going...  away from linearity...  a workshop to blend our experience of Mind, Body, Spirit. Our most important relationship is inside of us…  Source lies within us.  Knowing who we are...  Reaching into the heart…  segues into our highest potentials.  Linda uses deep meditation, movement, drawing and writing to bypass the censors we found it necessary to create as we developed from childhood.  Join Linda in the Retreat Room on Saturday, August 23, 2008, 9 am to 2 pm for this life enhancing program.  Pre-registration requested.  Workshop fee $125 ($100 before August 8th).  Limited to 20 participants.  Register by contacting Linda at 718-636-1421 or e-mail her at lindamarsanicophd@gmail.com.  For more information please visit http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/53073.html


This is a workshop about

  • forgiveness and love;

  • becoming aware of our internal dialogue;

  • playfulness;

  • waking up from the unconscious and awakening the divine within.

Activities will include

  • deep chakra clearing,

  • Higher Self meditation,

  • writing,

  • drawing,

  • movement to music

  • and discussion of the experiential.

This workshop reminds us to align our inner dialogue with our outward goals so that we send a clear message to Universe about that which we wish to attract into our lives.


Using deep meditations, the workshop is designed to foster fluidity within our physical and spiritual bodies.  The goal is to remove the compartments or censors, allowing our energy to truly flow through our heart empowering the heart's transformative design.  Bridging the gap between psychology and spirituality, this facilitative model allows us to identify, acknowledge and heal the unconscious belief systems which motivate our behavior and block our full experience of our own potentials.  Tools gained from the workshop can assist in our healing, which is, of course, an ongoing process.

From the perspective of the psychological and spiritual lenses, the 'mind' is vast.  Both lenses need to be considered so that we can create our path and face our challenges.  Important enough for "A Course in Miracles" to address, unconscious beliefs underlie our less than functional ways of behaving.  While still unconscious, they motivate us without our conscious control.  While we are children, we are coping with the environment in our family, and our reaction is to protect ourselves.  This current workshop serves to bring these dynamics out of the darkness into the light where we can decide whether they allow us to be the men and women we choose to become.

The universe (inside and outside of us) is changing and reacting; moving and shifting.  Remaining still or static provides a sense of safety but comes at a high price.  I often say that the person on the conscious, spiritual path is the true mover and shaker, for as we heal ourselves, we heal others! Life becomes an adventure of abundance.  With each day the potential to be creative presents itself.  We can accept joy, celebrating it AND SPIN AWAY chaos: letting go of ‘drama,’ negativity, forgiving ourselves and others, redefining and creating, moment to moment, the man/woman we are becoming.  The journey is truly the destination, for this is where we find happiness - along the way, in our relationships in and outside of us.  When we honestly love ourselves, we can give love to others.  We can give what we have.


Linda Marsanico

Linda Marsanico is a clinical/social psychologist with a PhD. from Loughborough University, England; a Master of Education in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee (London Campus); and a B.Sc. in Psychology from Ramapo College, New Jersey.  Linda trained at The Postgraduate Center, NYC, specializing in work with adolescents and children.  Linda works privately with adults, adolescents and children focusing on facilitation and collaboration which celebrates the client as the 'expert' on self, and the facilitator as the ‘expert’ on theories for psychological change.  With the notion of 'play' (D.W. Winnicott) Linda utilizes the beauty and function of playing: involving fantasy and creativity and energy flow.  Client and facilitator bring the unconscious to the conscious mind with the specific goal of moving toward desired changes, nurturing the healing process.  Linda is an energy healer, a Reiki Master who has studied other energy modalities.  Linda presented a paper "Change, Transformation: In Other Words, Compassion Leads to Changes in DNA (citing the work of David Hawkins, and Gregg Braden) at SEPI, The Society for the Exploration of Psychological Integration, on May 6, 2006.  Linda works in Sedona and New York City.


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