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Richard Alan Miller, Physicist and ex-“MIB” has a mathematic protocol that can increase your ESP…not just once, BUT EVERY TIME YOU USE IT!  How would you like to quantum-leap your ESP abilities in one day?  Are you concerned about the mind-control projects being used on the public?  Would you like to learn how to protect yourself from such things??  Then you need to attend this.

Working with current definitions of self-hypnosis, a series of postulates are developed toward relating hypnosis to extra-sensory perception (ESP).  This includes a mathematical formula on how to cross-culturally induce ESP via forms of self-hypnosis.  A technique or method-of-induction is proposed which is challenged in a national tournament of experts.  The results overwhelm the competition by two orders of magnitude.”  June 23rd, 2007, 8am-5pm in the Sedona Room.  Cost: $185 (after April 30 & before May 31),  $215 (after May 31 & before June 22),  $260 (after June 22 & at the door).  Seating is very limited; get your tickets NOW!  For more information, and ticket reservations, call 928-284-0906.  Refund policy: 50% up to May 31, 25% up to June 12, NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 12.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller, and unidentified being

More about Richard Alan Miller, PhD

Richard Alan Miller has been researching psychic phenomenon since the early 1970’s.  Notable Cleints include Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), under the direction of Dr. Carl Schlicher, the Washington D.C. based paranormal phenomena investigation team, and U.S. Navy Intelligence under the Seal Corporation, which in 1973, funded Richard Alan Miller for experiments in ESP monitoring and induction through hypnosis.  Richard Alan Miller won the First Psychic Tournament, sponsored by Llewellyn Publications in Sept. 1975.  This competition included 40 other notable and self-styled psychics, such as Noel Tyl, Jean Dixon, Sybil Leek, James Hurtak, Isaac Bonewitz.

Richard Alan Miller founded Northwest Botanicals in 1987 to broker herbs, always investigating new plants of interest in enhancing human potential. From the late 1980’s to the present, he has been writing about physics and the psyche.

Steps Toward Realizing Optimum Potential  (from a talk by Richard Alan Miller. Ph.D.)

Extrasensory perception can be developed to assist the individual in achieving optimum potential.  There are certain criteria which indicate the presence of psychic sensory information, and conditions that produce greater extra sensory awareness.  Extrasensory perception in some traditional eastern systems is thought to be located at the throat chakra, and is known as the siddha.  The study of extrasensory perception is a way of cataloguing events and knowledge beyond the realm of chance and probability.  Psychic Sensory information is a scientific term for extra sensory perception.

Criteria for presence of extrasensory perception:

  • ESP experience brings valid information about external things into the mind of the subject
  • ESP experience is received from a different channel than somatic senses and rational inference
  • ESP operates over extremely large distances, through opaque screens, and across time

Evidence of psychic sensory information

  • Haunted house phenomenon – psychokinetic phenomena.  a) psycho-kinetic phenomena is also associated with previous tragic events, b) psycho-kinetic phenomena is also associated with high intensity of concentration
  • ESP contact between two persons, one of whom is dying or in grave danger.  a) this esp contact is associated with intense thought or concentration.  b) circumstances are in proportion to the length of time esp contact is experienced.
  • Ritual or prayer - the more times a prayer is recited, or a ritual is performed, the greater the psychic sensory information produced.   a) the length of time the thought is held relates to the energy produced

Conditions that produce greater extra sensory perception:

  • Relaxing gives the best extrasensory perception results
  • Children have higher results of extrasensory perception
  • The longer the attention span of the model, the better extrasensory perception is registered
  • Guided images and protocols help improve extrasensory perception
  • Deep states of hypnosis, super attention, produces higher ESP experience.
  • Elated states of consciousness
  • High levels of interest, motivation, and desire

Process of formation of Psychic Sensory Information:

  • intense desire or question
  • the subject confronts the continuum
  • Psychic energy is created as a batch of information
  • The thought is held for a prolonged period [Intensity of thought multiplied by concentration]
  • Consciousness is then dropped to a blank mind state. The visualization is replaced from the thought form to a void, or no thought state
  • This visualization is impressed on the consciousness resulting in a vision, or occurrence.
  • This resulting event or occurrence is independent of space and time.

A simple method for anyone wishing to experience psychic sensory information:

  • formulate the question
  • hold the thought for as long as possible
  • Assume that the event has occurred
  • Drop into a blank mind and wait.

Ways to increase Psychic Sensory Awareness

  • Sound Tools: Brain drivers, hypnosis and Meditation
  • Moving meditation such as Tai Chi, or Yoga
  • Journaling: Know thyself
  • Nutrition
  • Sacred Connections: Pathworking, Faith based meditations

This Tibetan mandala was constructed in
San Antonio, TX, as a meditation, then destroyed.
Image supplied by Mahalah Rood, 2007.


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