Jorge Luis Delgado
Andean Healer and Shaman
with MaryAnn Male, Ph.D.

Jorge Luis Delgado, Andean shaman, healer and mystic will present his new book and a Peruvian cultural presentation, with his co author MaryAnn Male, Ph.D.  Jorge is a chacaruna, a bridge person who assists others to cross from one state of consciousness to another.  Through his travels, he has learned the original Inca Laws from the Quero yatiri.  Learn these laws for lifelong health and abundance.  Thursday, September 14, 2006, from 7-8:30 pm in the Chapel at Sedona Creative Life Center.  Love Offering appreciated.  For more information visit  Presented by Stellar Productions.

Jorge Luis Delgado
with MaryAnn and Theron Male

Anthropologists recognize the Quero for still speaking the original language of the ancient Incas and for carrying on the ancient customs and beliefs.  Jorge Luis is an indigenous Inca with a brilliant mind, who is able to express the knowledge and experiences of his spiritual heritage in practical terms that are as alive and viable in today’s modern cities, as they were in the ancient mountaintop city of Machu Picchu.  Jorge Luis is known around the world as a knowledgeable guide of the Sacred Valley and the High Plateau of the Andes.

Andean Awakening

Andean Awakening:
An Incan Guide to Mystic Peru

by Jorge Luis Delgado, MaryAnn Male

Book Description: It is an extraordinary time to be alive, as a long-foretold alignment of the Earth with the axis of the Milky Way galaxy announces a new dawn. In Peru, descendants of the Inca call this time the Pachakuti, 'the return of the light' after 500 years of darkness. Peru is said to be the "morning of the new sun" - the portal through which rays of the new light will begin to awaken humanity to a new consciousness.

In this illustrated guidebook, Peru's premiere spiritual tour guide, Jorge Delgado, takes the reader on a trip of discovery through the most powerful and mystical places on earth - Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca and the magical Inca doorway of Aramu Muru.

Jorge Delgado was born in a small Andean village in Peru. In Andean Awakening Delgado opens the door to his mystical homeland as he describes his own journey of awakening and packs his personal narrative with fascinating details about Peru, its history, culture, mythos and magic. Delgado is our personal Quechua - a bridge person who helps others to cross from one state of conscious to another. Delgado bridges readers to the spiritual power of the Andes, of Peru and legend of the Inca - the return of the children of the light.


The Andean Awakening is a Wonderful Story & guide to Mystical Peru.  This easily read story takes you into the heart of the Andes & the culture of the Incas.  You visit many sacred sites & hear about actual mystical experiences that come alive in the story of one man rediscovering his heritage.
    --A reviewer, a psychologist and traveler to Peru, June 24, 2006, 5 out of 5 stars.

Jorge Luis Delgado

Jorge Luis Delgado, born in the highlands near Lake Titicaca, Peru, is of Aymara Incan heritage.  His mother is from a family of herders and his father was a teacher.  Growing up in a large family in Puno, Peru, Jorge Luis began carrying bags for people in Puno to earn extra money for the family.  After he graduated with superior grades from high school, Jorge Luis continued in this tradition and chose to be a tour guide.  Early in his career, he concentrated on being very scientific as he worked in the area of the Sacred Valley, including Machu Picchu, and the area surrounding Lake Titicaca.  Today, Jorge Luis is known around the world as a knowledgeable guide of the Sacred Valley and the High Plateau of the Andes.  His knowledge spans the culture, the traditions, and the spiritual heritage of his vibrant Inca world.  Jorge Luis now has his own tour company, Kontiki Tours, and is currently building his third Taypikala Hotel.  Most important, Jorge Luis is a "chacaruna," a bridge person, who assists people in connecting to their spiritual self within their own traditions.  Jorge Luis lives in Puno with his wife and three children.

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