God's Dreams and Healing Touch
Workshop with Spiritual Counselor Cindy McGill
and her team of dream Interpreters and healing prayer members

Come enjoy an encouraging and enlightening workshop dedicated to helping you understand those perplexing dreams and night visitations, and receive a healing touch for your physical, mental and emotional areas.  Presented by spiritual counselor and dream interpreter Cindy McGill and her dream interpretation and healing teams.  Sunday July 9, 2006 from 3:30 to 6:30 pm in the Universal Room.  The cost is $30 for one of the most helpful and uplifting courses we offer in Spiritual dream understanding.  For information or to register please call 801-915-0757, or you may register when you arrive.  Come enjoy an incredible and insightful afternoon.

Workshop includes:
  • Learn principles to unlock your dreams
  • Dream categories: spiritual, warning, self revealing, directional
  • Symbols and dream language
  • Have your perplexing dreams interpreted
  • Experience Spirit encounters for healing and spiritual cleansing

Cindy McGill

Cindy McGill has been a teacher in Spirit Development and Counseling since 1974. She and her husband, Tim, pastor a church in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Unconditional Love and acceptance is present and gifts of the Spirit are welcomed.  They desire to see people walking a solid path out of brokenness and have an abundant life.

Her experience in understanding dreams and things of the Spirit have opened up opportunities to take her dream team/healing into major events such as the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and the Sundance Film Festival.  Her dream interpretation/healing teams have also been present at conferences in Las Vegas, Scotland, Ireland, and Hawaii and welcomed at the Golden Braid New Age Book Store in Salt Lake City.  It is not unusual to see lines of people receive a gift from God of healing, encouragement and an accurate dream interpretation and leave with tears of joy and freedom.

Cindyís desire is to help people experience Godís Light and see mysteries and messages unlock as Godís Love flows in unconditional love, dream interpretation, healing, cleansing, and Spirit words, to the ones coming for the experience.


"I meet few people who have the skill, insight, understanding and passion about helping others make changes in their life like Cindy and Tim McGill.  Their wisdom in understanding dreams and matters of the spirit is unusual and gifted."
     -John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries International


 For further information please contact
Sedona Creative Life Center

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