The Secrets of Spiritual Healing
Presented by Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson

Once in a great while, the Creator grants us the opportunity for a rare glimpse into the inner workings of Nature.  The mysteries of the spiritual healing have remained hidden for thousands of years.  During a series of intense revelations and divine interventions, Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson, spiritual teacher, was granted an extraordinary glimpse into the powerful innermost essence of the universe of spiritual healing.  Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend of empowerment and self-exploration.  This fascinating seminar will supercharge your spiritual journey and help you find a new beginning for your life.  Pre-registration is required!  Saturday September 23rd and Sunday September 24th, 2006, in the Great Room, 10 am to 4 pm both days.  Cost: $250.  To register call 602-290-2012.  For more information visit  You wouldn't want to miss this opportunity!

This seminar will cover:
  • Forces in the Creation of illness
  • Karma,
  • Healing Sutras
  • Mantras
  • Words of Power
  • Invocation of Universal Healing Forces
  • and Much. Much More...

Mitchell and Kathy Gibson

Mitchell Earl Gibson MD,  Clairvoyant Medical Doctor

During the last ten years of my medical practice, I began to receive very strong clairvoyant impressions about events in my clientís lives. At first I ignored them, but over time I began to realize that many of these impressions were accurate. Science had trained me to think analytically and to dismiss any data that could not be examined with an objective skeptical eye. I quickly learned that the scientific method offered only one window into the universe.

I had developed the ability to see auras and attachments around people during my residency. I kept that ability to myself for the most part and only a few close friends and select clients knew about it. After I had been in practice for a few years, I noticed that I could see events forming within the aura of my clients long before they happened. I saw one client losing a lot of money with a certain investment that she was thinking of making, and I warned her not to go in. She didnít and in the process she saved over 150,000.  I advised another client to look for another job as his company was about to let him go. At the time he was a senior level manager. He listened and quietly found three other positions. The day before he was to announce his move, the company fired him. I have dozens of such stories that I could share with you, but you get the picture.

Recently I decided to retire from the full time practice of psychiatry so that I could focus on developing this gift. I want to help others and use this ability that God has given me. The process of change has been very liberating.  During the sessions, I use the tools that the Creator has given me to look into my clientís life and advise them regarding the questions that they present. Sometimes, I will see events forming around a client and I will advise them about what I am seeing. This does not happen with every client but I find that the visions are occurring more and more frequently. I no longer prescribe medication nor do I hospitalize clients at this time.

"True knowledge consists in a direct recognition of the truth and is taught by Nature herself.  No man, no matter how great, educated and intelligent, can discover this science without a divine intervention and revelation, as this knowledge depends entirely upon the grace of God and His divine dispensation."   --Paracelsus


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