Arthritis.  Fibromyalgia.
The Simple Solution
with Dr. Virgil Stenberg and Colleagues

FREE lecture.  The Arthritis Education Hour that changes lives.  Learn how you can get relief of pain, stiffness and fatigue in days using Microdose Therapy.  Dr. Stenberg, author of Arthritis: The Simple Solution led the research team that solved his wife's arthritis.  Sponsored by The Helen Foundation.  See below for Sedona schedule.  Call 480-983-8376 for reservations.  For more information, visit the Microdose Therapy website at

 2006 Schedule

Wednesday June 7,  at 2 pm in the Universal Room.

Wednesday June 21,  at 2 pm in the Universal Room.

Wednesday September 6,  at 2 pm in the Universal Room.

Wednesday September 27,  at 2 pm in the Universal Room.

2007 Schedule

Wednesday January 17,  at 2 pm in the Universal Room.


Arthritis: The Simple Solution (book and DVD)

What is Microdose Therapy™?

Microdose Therapy™ is a clinically-proven, physician-supervised, patient-controlled method for reducing pain, stiffness, fatigue and joint destruction.  It is a two-prescription, four technology protocol for reducing both inflammatory pain and the amount of medicine used to control such pain associated with rheumatic and autoimmune disease.  Persons suffering from fibromyalgia and all forms of arthritis who have used Microdose Therapy™ have experienced significant relief.  Patients receive maximum relief within twenty-one days of starting the program.

How does Microdose Therapy™ work?

Microdose Therapy™ works by giving the patient control of the management of their disease under the supervision of a physician, in much the same way a diabetic controls her blood sugar through the use of the hormone insulin under physician supervision.  It allows patients to reduce the amount of medicines used to treat Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and other related conditions, thereby reducing the hazards of the side effects of these medicines.


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