Activate Your Abundance Gene
with Margaret Ruby

How Emotions Affect Your Genes: How Genes Affect Your Emotions.  Margaret Ruby, founder of Possibilities DNA, presents this FREE Introductory Workshop on how your genes and emotions are intimately connected.  Audience members will be guided through a process that will identify their main blocks to optimum health or an improved relationship or more abundance, etc.  Tuesday March 15, 2005, from 7 to 9 pm in the Sedona Room.  Invite your friends for the free activation and share the abundance.  For more information call 888-711-9962 or visit

Sandpoint, Idaho   - "She has her father's eyes and her mother's curls, but that temper is an imprint from her great-grandfather's DNA!"  Emotional traits, subconscious thoughts, negative patterns, and societal beliefs are handed down through the genetic linage and stored in our DNA memory.  Hidden in our genes is the secret to changing and healing in this lifetime. 

Margaret Ruby is a leading educator in the field of self-help and self-healing.  Possibilities DNA has taught these techniques to thousands of people all over the world with profound and life-changing results.  Margaret Ruby states, "Once we show you how to tap into the information stored within your DNA code, and how to change its vibrational frequency, you will experience dramatic results."

Margaret Ruby

Margaret Ruby, author of Messages From the Star Systems card set, is a powerfully gifted energetic practitioner, educator, and pioneer in the fields of healing and manifesting one's goals. She blends the ancient art of healing with cutting-edge research in philosophy, physiology, biochemistry, and quantum physics. Her transformational techniques focus upon changing DNA energy patterns to create optimal health, emotional well-being, and enhanced life satisfaction.

Margaret has been on a life-long quest to find answers to the questions, "How can we consciously create the life we want? What role do our belief systems play in our lives?" And, "If belief systems play an important part in our existence, then where do they originate and how can we change them to create a more satisfying way of life?" These questions motivated her to find effective ways to heal and improve her life.

As she discovered the means to move beyond limited thinking and began to experience her dreams and desires, her DNA patterning expanded and in the process allowed her to access profound universal knowledge. Today, her mission is to share her knowledge with others by teaching them how to locate and change non-supportive belief systems stored within their DNA memory codes, as she changed hers. She believes that everyone can leam to work energetically with the DNA and return it to its original blueprint of abundance and vibrant health.

Margaret Ruby's teachings and techniques have helped thousands of people find relief with everything from allergies and emotional stress, to serious disease and life-threatening illness. She regularly teaches all across the United States and Canada, as well as England, Scotland, Australia, and South Africa. In addition to being a regular guest on radio, and appearances on TV, Margaret lectures at bookstores and metaphysical gatherings throughout the USA. Margaret is applauded for her gift of communicating with warmth and wit, and for presenting complex ideas in such a way that they are clear, accessible, and compelling.

Possibilities DNA School

Possibilities DNA school teaches a groundbreaking synthesis of quantum physics, Chinese energetic medicine and alternative modalities with instant and lasting results in genetic code healing and life-enhancement.  Possibilities DNA Vibrational Healing School has been creating new paradigms for healing and transformation since 1995.  Founders Margaret and Steven Ruby initiated the School in September of 1995 with its first course, "The Three Stages of Womanhood."  A year later, the Possibilities School began to offer the first of several continuing courses, which focus on physical and emotional healing by energetically transforming DNA.

"Energy Interference Patterning of DNA," the School's foundational program, introduced in 1996, is designed to remove belief systems that alter DNA sequencing.  In 1997, "DNA Integration: Past, Present and Future" was first offered.  Participants in this advanced course learn how to energetically balance specific genes that cause energy field disturbances.  The School grew and prospered and in 1999, "Rapid Healing: The Mathematical Reconstruction of DNA" was introduced.  This advanced course uses the universal language of numbers as an energetic healing tool.  In the spring of 2002, a workshop entitled, "Ancient Secrets of Manifestation," was added to the curriculum.  The focus of the workshop offers guidance in the art of manifesting one's goals and desires by changing energy into matter.  A full time staff, along with a worldwide team of certified teachers, share in the mission to educate people how they can heal themselves and help their loved ones heal as well.


Case Studies of Genetic Memory Causing Physical Disturbance

Case Study 1: A young man had developed a severe wheat allergy, when prior to this time he had experienced no physical reaction to wheat. When going through his genetic history, it was discovered that his great, great grandfather's entire family had been massacred in a Russian wheat field. He had recently suffered the loss of his father on his sixteenth birthday, and the death of his own father triggered the sleeping memory in his genes that wheat was related to death. Once the genetic memory was released the allergy was removed.

Case Study 2: A young man struggling to get ahead at work felt like he was not being recognized and appreciated for his talents. His DNA held a memory of disillusionment, a pattern that came from an ancestor who had been imprisoned for his ideas. This fear had been handed down through the DNA, causing the young man to send out a signal that he really did not want to be heard. Once the pattern was removed from the DNA his situation immediately improved.

Case Study 3: A woman was struggling with intimate relationships. In her DNA were patterns and fears of getting too close to anyone. In her lineage was an ancestor who had lost loved ones due to a terrible war. When her relationships started to reach the point of intimacy, she would sabotage the relationship because deep down in her DNA was the fear of future pain and loss. When this pattern was removed she found the intimate relationship that had eluded her.



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