Introduction to Reverse Speech Analysis
with Frank Gomez

Are you looking for a way to improve your quality of life?  Now there is a alternative way by accessing your unconscious mind to provide for direction and solutions to help yourself instead of asking for an opinion.  Come join and listen to a Introduction to Reverse Speech lecture presented by Frank Gomez.  He is a Certified Reverse Speech Analyst and received his training from David Jon Oates, the founder of Reverse Speech.  Friday February 18th, 2005, from 7:30 to 8:30 pm in the Art Cabin.  Cost: $6 per person.  For more information call Frank at 928-646-7016 or visit   Frank Gomez is available for Reverse Speech Analysis and Metaphor Restructuring sessions (email:

In this lecture:

  • You will learn how Reverse Speech technology was discovered.
  • You will see that our innermost thoughts are automatically embedded in our normal speech and how they are delivered, received, and understood in the subconscious mind, whether we choose to reveal these hidden thoughts or not!
  • You will understand the subliminal nature of this level of communication and how it can dramatically change and heal your life.
  • You will hear examples of actual speech reversals found in recorded music, and from conversations with children, adults, and some famous celebrities.
  • You will learn how you can harness this "power within you" to create effective and long-lasting change.


Reverse Speech: Amazing breakthrough in communication since human speech first began.

Astonishing information attained from your own unconscious mind can now be heard and you can listen for yourself!  This unique technique was discovered by an Australian named David Jon Oates over 20 years ago and is relatively still unknown here in the U.S., although it made front headline news on numerous occasions during the early years of his discovery.

In the late 1970s it was said that there was hidden messages in rock and roll music when you played it backwards which was true then as it is now.
In all verbal communication there can be found undiscovered messages or grammatically sound words and phrases.  These short statements are embedded in our forward speech hidden among the gibberish and are often difficult to discover.  They can be quite shocking when you first hear them as they are cryptic and deep in meaning. After the initial shock the messages become exciting in their revelation into your own unconscious mind Knowledge.  The reversals are received from the unconscious mind and with this unique technique you have the opportunity to "hear" them without any bias and access information on what the causes of your behavior patterns are and more importantly how can you administer change by asking your unconscious for solutions or directions.

What is Reverse Speech?

Reverse Speech is the name given to the discovery of a new form of communication that has the ability to uncover a deeper truth and meaning behind what we are actually speaking.  As we speak consciously, the brain is generating messages arising from the unconscious.  Concealed in the sounds of human speech there exists a separate form of communication that can only be heard if human conversation is recorded and played backwards.

Reverse Speech is a part of the extra sense of the human brain that has previously been undiscovered and unresearched.  It is a learned function from birth and its existence explains many forms of human intuition.  In its basic form, Reverse Speech functions as an audible truth detector.  If a lie is spoken forwards, Reverse Speech will reveal that lie and communicate the truth in reverse.  If someone leaves facts and details out of forward speech, reverse speech may reveal those facts.  Speech reversals will speak about any topic on the person's mind.  This can include the names of friends and lovers, events of the week or month, plans for the future, or any other conscious thoughts and real emotional feelings.

Metaphors are the keys to the imagery of our subconsciousness.  They are the nucleus of Reverse Speech.... like a picture is worth a thousand words.  A very large percentage of our human language in reverse speaks is in visual pictures and graphic images such as phrases like, "Wolf in slums," or "Why sky demon".  Metaphors are the language of the subconscious commonly used in identifying a feeling, a situation or a behavioral pattern a person will have.  These metaphors seem to be universal.

With Reverse Speech you will be able to shed light on areas of negative unconscious belief patterns.  After these are brought to conscious awareness, they can be processed and integrated, thereby allowing the person to create a effective and long lasting change in a person.

Frank Gomez is a certified Reverse Speech Analyst and is available for RS Analysis or Metaphor restructuring sessions.  RS analysis is an excellent way for getting advice on important decisions in your life or life's direction; identifying the causes of certain behavior patterns.  Metaphor Restructuring is a process of shifting and altering behavior structures in the unconscious mind.



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