Master Zhou, Ting-Jue
Energy Treatment for Healing

Master Zhou has been teaching Qi Gong for over forty years, both in China and the U.S. His experience has prepared him not only to practice, but also to teach this powerful Chinese method of personal health care and well-being.  These skills and techniques of Qi Gong can be learned by anyone, at any age.  It is rare to meet a master of this level.  It is life changing to experience his power, and a precious gift to study him.  Demonstration Saturday September 6, 2003, 2:30 to 3:30 pm, and Friday September 12, 2003,  7 to 8 pm in the Great Room.  $5 Donation.  Presented by the China-U.S. Wu-Dang Qi-Gong Association. 

Qi Gong Energy Healing: By appointment, 45 minute sessions.  For more information, and to make appointments before September 6, call Diane Norwood 928-282-0961. 

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a powerful, effective method for treating disease and for maintaining general health and well-being.  It is part of the heritage of traditional Chinese medicine, and has been practiced in China for centuries.

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, every human body is a dynamic, self-contained system that is in constant interaction with the universe.  "Qi" (pronounced "chee") means energy and refers to the life-force that flows through the body.  "Gong" means exercising and adjusting.  Thus, Qi Gong involves working directly with a person's life-force to improve health.

Qi, this inner energy, or power, maintains its internal and external equilibrium by moving, or "orbiting," inside and outside the body.  When the body's Qi is moving properly and the body-system is in inner and outer balance, in a state of homeostasis, a person is healthy.  Diseases and disorders occur when this inner energy is in stasis or still.  The practice of Qi Gong helps to enhance the orbiting, the movement, of this inner energy, thereby bringing balance to the body.  This is an optimal state that leads to the cure of disease and an increased sense of well-being.

By practicing Qi Gong, a person can promote health, prevent disease, and even enhance beauty and delay aging.  Qi Gong, by adjusting respiration, relaxing muscles and mind, and promoting circulation, produces benefits that are certain to increase a person's quality of life.  In its advanced levels, Qi Gong can even help people bring forth and develop various special abilities.

Zhou, Ting-Jue

Zhou, Ting-Jue is a Qi Gong master born in mainland China.  At age seven he began learning martial arts and traditional Chinese medical theory under the guidance of his uncle, a Taoist priest.  His mentors included many famous Chinese Qi Gong masters who passed on to him their personal knowledge about the mysterious power of Qi Gong.

For almost half a century, Master Zhou has been diagnosing and treating disease with his amazing Qi Gong skills and techniques.  Qi Gong treatment, which differs from Western medical therapy, is noninvasive and uses neither instruments, medications nor drugs.  Qi Gong therapy combines Chinese massage pressure on the body, acupuncture points with the power of Qi, and the simple radiating of Qi – which is usually felt as heat – without actually touching the body.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Master Zhou and "Feel the Energy!"


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