Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism
A Weekend with Rabbi Gershon Winkler

Discussions on:

  • the Four Directions

  • the Kabbalah

  • Archangels

  • Sorcery

  • Animal Totems

  • and the Sacred

Introduction to Jewish Shamanic Healing, Animal Totems, and the Kabbalah.  Lecture.  Rabbi Gershon will discuss and demonstrate an ancient kabbalistic healing ceremony involving buzzard feathers, herbs and the horn of an antelope (shofar).  Friday January 10, 2003, 7:30 pm in the Great Room.  Cost: $10. 

Animal Totems, Medicine and the Kabbalah.  Workshop.  Rabbi Gershon will discuss the medical attributes and totems of animals and Kabbalistic meanings behind the animal names assigned by the aboriginal Hebrews.  Saturday January 11, 2003, 12:30-4:30 pm in the Universal Room.  Workshop Admission: $50.

Jewish Shamanic Healing.  Workshop.  Rabbi Gershon, a practitioner of this wisdom and rites, will introduce participants to the ancient and medieval Aramaic and Hebraic source texts as well as oral traditions from which this Aboriginal Jewish wisdom originates.  Sunday January 12, 2003, 12:30-4:30 pm in the Universal Room.  Workshop Admission: $50.

Rabbi Gershon will be signing his new book Magic of the Ordinary after each event.  Advance Registration discount: $80 for all 3 Events (Jan 10, 11 & 12).   For advance registration contact Kevin at 928-282-3790.  For more information about Gershon Winkler, see the Walking Stick Foundation web site at

Gershon Winkler

Gershon Winkler is both a renowned scholar as well as a rabbinic trickster.  He has authored eleven books, including seven works on Jewish mysticism, philosophy, and folklore, and was initiated in 1978 by the late kabbalist Rabbi Eliezer Benseon of Jerusalem.  For the past twenty years he has lived very close to the earth in remote wilderness regions and currently resides at the Walking Stick Retreat Center as its caretaker.  Gershon’s personal draw to wilderness living has brought him to a fresh gleaning of rich Hebraic teachings about the attributes and powers of fauna and flora.  Rabbi Winkler flavors his teaching-style with hefty doses of humor, storytelling, ceremonies, and chanting.  The Jerusalem Post recently described him as "a blend of Robin Williams and the Baal Shem Tov."

I first heard about Rabbi Gershon Winkler from my buddy and fellow teacher Jonathan Goldman. He told me that he was a hilarious guy who "coyoted" people into enlightenment, Jewish style. I called him out of the blue and we hit it off immediately. His mastery of Hebrew and Aramaic sacred texts were matched by an outrageous, reverently irreverent sense of humor. He is a teacher who appeals to beginners as well as experienced students. When I'm in his presence I find myself alternately guffawing and experiencing a deep "a-ha." Here's a down to earth, humble guy who is from a long lineage of mystical Chief Rabbis of Denmark and is trained as a certifiable cowboy, down to the boots and hat.          - Harlan Sparer


Some of Gershon Winkler's books and CDs:

New CD by Gershon Winkler   
"Belly Flow: Chants of the Jewish Shaman"
The first of more to come of Rabbi Gershon's rendition of ancient and latter-day traditional Jewish mystical chants, for healing, calling the ancestors and spirits, invoking the warrior within, and much more. Vocalists include Bon Singer and Joy Krinsky, with Ken Battat on traditional drums and Jhos Singer on Bulgarian bagpipes.

"The Place Where You Are Standing Is Holy
A Jewish Theology On Human Relationships"

Gershon Winkler with Lakme Batya Elior.  "The Place Where You Are Standing Is Holy is an Eco-Ethic for the next era. The authors open the classical sources that we have often heard about but have seldom seen in English-with erudite scholarship as well as holistic psycho-ethical insight" -Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi

"Soul Of The Matter" 

Gershon Winkler.   In this small but powerful work, the author brings to light the Jewish-Kabbalistic answer to the everlasting question of why good people suffer. The occult, dreaming, reincarnation, soul possession and transmigration, apparitions, spiritual bodies, sorcery, superstition, the paranormal are discussed. An enlightening, poignant work!


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