Ringing Rocks Foundation will be presenting a FREE lecture at Sedona Creative Life Center on February 8, 2003, from 4 pm to 7 pm. Speaking about the Foundation will be RRF President, Nancy Connor, and RRF Vice President for Cultural Affairs, Bradford Keeney.  Walking Thunder, Diné medicine woman, will also be demonstrating the art of sandpainting.  Although the lecture and demonstration are free, attendance is limited to 50 people.  For more information about the Ringing Rocks Foundation, call the office at (215) 772-7373 or visit  www.ringingrocks.org

Ringing Rocks Foundation was founded in 1995 to explore, document and preserve indigenous cultures and their healing practices.  The Foundation is furthering its mission to publish and help preserve the information it has gathered from its global explorations into healing in non-Western settings.  The Foundation hopes that sharing this information will help to raise your consciousness about how you see and interact with the world.  Perhaps a piece of this information may even help you solve a medical or psychological problem you have been unable to deal with via Western medicine.  The Foundation also hopes that learning about some of these different cultures and healing practices may open your heart to help such people in your own back yard.

Nancy Connor, President of Ringing Rocks Foundation, is a healer, having trained in eastern disciplines and with shamans around the world.  She founded the Ringing Rocks Foundation in 1995, and continues to be responsible for guiding and running the organization.  She also previously worked in the computer industry, where she co-founded and ran a software company for several years.

Bradford Keeney, Ph. D. is known through his numerous books published in the areas of both human behavior and indigenous healing practices.  His publications in the behavioral sciences and the traditional healing arts are widely regarded throughout the world.  He is a highly regarded keynote speaker at leading professional conferences on topics of psychotherapy and shamanic practices.  He is accepted as a traditional healer by the many indigenous cultures he has encountered, as described in his book Shaking out the Spirits. Currently, he is responsible for editing both the Profiles of Healing and Classics of Cultural Healing book series that the Foundation is publishing, as well as speaking around the country about Ringing Rocks Foundation.

Walking Thunder is an accomplished Diné medicine woman, and has demonstrated the cultural relevance of sandpainting in several venues, including the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in New York. Walking Thunder knows hundreds of sandpaintings, which can be used to discuss the creation stories, as well as in healing ceremonies.  She will also offer cultural sandpaintings for sale after her demonstration.

Walking Thunder

Profiles of Healing

Ringing Rocks Foundation's most visible initiative is the book series entitled Profiles of Healing. This book series was created to help bring forth the experience of sitting with a traditional healer and encountering the way she or he chooses to teach their cultural ways. Our ongoing book series enables the voices of traditional shamans and medicine people to be heard.  Accompanied by photographs, illustrations, and CDs that capture the prayers, sacred songs, and sounds of the cultures, these volumes aim to express the spirit of each healing tradition.  Life stories, personal accounts of visions, and detailed descriptions of complementary medical practices are interspersed throughout these volumes, articulating a unique encyclopedia of the world’s healing knowledge.

Book series Profiles of Healing

Ringing Rocks Foundation upholds the survival of global healing wisdom through education, research, and special projects, as well as integration of this wisdom into practical, everyday life.  The Foundation accomplishes its mission mainly through publishing books, sponsoring traditional healers, and its Discretionary Fund Grant Program. 


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