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Hope for World Peace Concert.  Friday, October 11th, 2002, 7 to 9:30 pm in the Great Room.  Join us and experience the songs and lyrics from Sedona's most respected musicians.  Feel the new songs for World Peace touch your heart as we join together in our global efforts for peace.  Tickets $12, available at Crystal Magic, Golden Word, and the Worm Book Store and at Sedona Creative Life Center.  Seating limited to 225, car pooling is encouraged, two or more in a car may park at the Center.  Less than two, shuttles are available in the parking lot at Garlands Navajo Rugs.  Please do not park on Schnebly Hill, cars will be towed.  For more information call Hope for World Peace Foundation at 928-284-1907.


  • Kaleah  ...Angelic Vocals
  • ShapeShifter  ...Sitar and Tamboura, peace chants
  • Scott Beck  ...Guitar and songs for peace
  • PowerHeart  ...Powerful vocals for peace
  • Dan Stief  ...Channeling new songs and messages of peace from Elvis
  • Thunder Beat  ...soul drums
  • Boyd Sibley  ...Performing The Legend of Water Crow,  and  ...bringing a peace blessing to our evening
  • Astarius  ...Didgeridoo
  • Special Guest Speaker and Songwriter/Guru  ...Wayne McKibbin


Boyd Sibley, President

Boyd Sibley is the founder of the Hope for World Peace Foundation. Our mission is to bring about an awareness to promote peace as a global cause. Our vehicle is Music in its many forms and expressions.  We will promote peace awareness through our Peace Concerts, CDs created for peace, and peace inspired gatherings with guest speakers and world class singers and songwriters for peace.  The Hope for World Peace Concert will be represented by some of Sedona’s finest songwriters and musicians performing newly written songs for World Peace for this event.  Boyd Sibley is also the Music Director for In the Name of Hope, Inc., and the owner and engineer of Virgin Sun Universal Recording Studio, former A&M recording artist and musician for over 30 years.  He has produced four CDs that range in content from meditation vibrations, Reiki healing tones, Native American flutes, to Tibetan chants and poems. He is also available for private healing sessions and individual soul songs. You may connect with Boyd at 928-284-1907 or email     Hope for World Peace Foundation is a member of the National Heritage Foundation.

Wayne McKibbin

Wayne McKibbin has touched the world with his beautiful lyrics and Spiritual teachings through music.  His first LP called Hope, inspired a whole generation of followers back in the late sixties and early seventies.  Some of those people are now bringing their message of hope and peace to the world.  Wayne is currently the head Chaplain of the California State Prison in Susanville, CA.  His music is helping hundred of inmates discover their self worth as well as his teaching on peace, love, and Divine grace.  He is also a Guru of meditation methods and techniques which combine Eastern, Western, and Universal philosophies into a synthesized and useful form.  We are pleased to have Wayne as our guest speaker and singer for our up coming concert for World Peace.

Singer/Songwriter and Keyboard player, Kaleah LaRoche brings to the world a gift of music uniquely her own.  She began playing piano and singing at a very early age as a way of expressing her thoughts, feelings and emotions.  As she matured her music began reflecting her own journey of spiritual awakening, self-discovery and healing.  This journey has attracted audiences who strongly identify not only with her words and music but with her powerfully raw emotional delivery.  

Kaleah’s hauntingly beautiful ethereal voice has a way of lulling listeners into a deep state of hypnotic enchantment for an experience not soon to be forgotten.  Her music has a “New Age” flavor but could easily be classified as “Adult Contemporary” with songs that are passionately alive.  Her debut CD From The Shadows released in January “2000” continues to reach people on an International level through her website


ShapeShifters:  The Hope for World Peace Concert includes some of Sedona's brightest musical talents.  International recording artists, ShapeShifters will weave ancient tribal ritual music with modern electronic effects into a new musical genre-World Fusion.  Aziz Paige on the sitar, and Khabira Paige on tanpura.


PowerHeart comes to us from the glitter and the gold of Las Vegas.  But their true power comes from the Divine Spirit who moves through their powerful heartfelt music in marvelous ways.  Their music and lyrics are both inspirational and challenging to take us to the next step of our Spiritual journey.  They have performed nationally for many years and bring to our event, a class act from the heart.  Hope for World Peace is proud to have Isa January and Melody Bartone, PowerHeart, as featured artists in our concert for World Peace.


Drummer - Keyboardist - Sound Healer - Composer:  ThunderBeat has been studying sound healing/frequencies therapy since 1995.  She began a Practice of Unique Sound Healing after a profound experience in the Great Pyramids of Egypt.  This took ThunderBeat’s life long journey in music to a whole new level of Sound Awareness  …And the story keeps growing…  ThunderBeat has performed and recorded with groups such as Chris Anderson Band, Steve Halpern, Nammy winner Robert Mirabal, Brooke Medicine Eagle, William Two Feather, Toys, The Debs, Rage of Angels, Minds Eye, Callie Chappell, and the list goes on…  ThunderBeat also helps and supports artist’s solo careers.  You can contact ThunderBeat at P.O. Box 3700, Sedona, AZ 86340-3700 -  928-204-0752


Astarius Reiki-Om is a Musician, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Astrologer and Poet dedicated to Spiritual work for nearly 30 years. He has done Readings and Healings for tens of thousands of people. He does concert performances and has released several Inspiring CD's. In Sound Healing, Astarius uses the sound waves of the Didgeridoo and Vocal Overtones to carry individual and group prayers through the Dreamtime to help "Dream Awake" positive intentions. Astarius has released seven CD's: Spirit Rap, Reiki Temple Chants, Vibrational Healing Ascension Current, Primordial Didge, Echoes of Eternity, Astarius, and Dream Awake (info. and sound clips at ). Astarius lives at Ascension Temple in Sedona and is available for private sessions. Contact information: Astarius Productions, PO Box 2171, Sedona, AZ 86336. (928) 282-5810 Fax (928) 282-5850 Website: Email:

Dan Stief Channeling Elvis

Dan Stief, a Sedona Resident, has been channeling since 1994.  An experienced channel of the ArchAngels, Gabriel and Metatron, Dan Stief now brings his brother Elvis through from the Spirit Realm. During "An Evening with Elvis", you will have the opportunity to talk with Elvis as he answers your questions and brings you his special Messages from the Heart.  The excitement continues when following a short break, Dan brings Elvis through in song as well!  Dan and Elvis are pleased to be part of this special concert for peace and are writing a new song to honor the occasion.  Elvis had a strong commitment to peace which continues on today.


Hope for World Peace Foundation

Our blessed mission from the mouth of our Creator to the whole Universe is restore peace and bring harmony through peaceful thoughts, words, and actions. We are heart centered, global in scope, to the inclusion of all beings everywhere.  Music represents a major vehicle in accomplishing our goals.  Music soothes the soul bringing peaceful thoughts and feelings together into the same stream of consciousness.

As a great illuminator once wrote, "Imagine all the people, living life in peace". Just imagine for a moment; imagine that this can be our reality. If we can imagine, if we can dream, then we can unite together in this noble cause for world peace.

One of our most powerful ways to promote peace is by holding large gatherings such as Peace Concerts. During these gatherings our focus for World Peace will be the theme of the music. The content of the lyrics will promote peace; the melodies will flow out of he hearts of those committed to this cause. Keynote speakers will structure their words around a combined effort for peace. Poetry for peace will be read. Candles for world peace will be lit together at sunset showing the unity for which we stand.

The media will always be invited and welcome at our gatherings with the idea that coverage of any larger event will find its way to the television screens across America and the rest of the world.

We will be successful in our endeavors because we stand for what the whole world already holds as their ideal. Together we will make this our reality.

If you feel led to join our cause for world peace, you may connect with us in Sedona at 928-284-1907 or email,

Blessings to all of you as we join together in the common good for all.


Hope for World Peace is a non-profit foundation member of the National Heritage Foundation.  Founder and President, Boyd R. Sibley, Kelly Lynn, Vice President, Carolyn Vinup, Treasurer


 For further information please contact
Sedona Creative Life Center

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