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Feb. 15

Messages from the Universe with Laurie Wondra Laurie is the author of Beyond Healing, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Shaman, offers this gallery event.  Laurie believes that we are spiritual beings with abilities to connect with other energy sources. She has been communicating with Angels, guides, animals, nature other realms and dimensions and the dead since a small child. Hear how she used this in a Corporate setting as well as built her business as a global speaker, teacher, medium energy healer and author. This evening she will be connecting other energy sources, channeling messages and answering questions from the gallery and well as working in the energy fields around you.  Join us from 7-9pm in the Sedona Room.  Cost:  $30/door.  Info:     Messages from the Universe with Laurie Wondra

Sat.  Feb.

SoulMonic Sound Healing Journey with Three Trees.  With over 18 yrs. sound healing experience, Three Trees, integrates many methodologies and traditions into the powerful SoulMonic™  Sound Journey experience.  A deep immersion into a magical rhythmic and harmonic realm, that goes to new depths of energetic healing, clearing, and awakening.  SoulMonic Sound Healing journeys take you into a state of Sacred being, wherein you experience transformative deep connectedness, as you journey into your own personal, multi-dimensional experience. This powerful energy medicine and sonic ceremony is an Alchemy of Shamanic/indigenous and Contemporary Sound Healing, infused with Love and Divine guidance.  A vibrational portal is opened that gives participants direct access to Source and higher dimensions as well as ancestral linage for what is needed for the highest good.  Join us in the Great Room from 6-8pm.  Cost:  $45/door.  This event is limited to only 55 attendees! Tickets:  Info:


Our Mission Statement


Sedona Creative Life Center is a nonprofit organization founded to celebrate the human spirit and provide an uplifting and nourishing environment for celebrations, spiritually enhancing programs, and personal growth.  Our mission is to become a primary source of programs for spiritual growth, and for programs that encourage healing and harmony of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies for people of all ages and beliefs.  For more about who we are, see About SCLC.

People of all ages and beliefs

People of all ages and beliefs are invited to participate in events to discover transformational learning tools and empower their spiritual journey.  The center is nestled in fifteen beautiful secluded acres, just a few minutes from the heart of Sedona, Arizona, a world renowned spiritual Mecca.  Many people who are on a spiritual path travel to Sedona as part of their quest for a higher level of consciousness and understanding. 

Types of Events

Commonly hosted types of events include:

  • Spiritual Growth Seminars
  • Creative Workshops
  • Local and Nationally known Speakers
  • Concerts, Theater and Dance
  • Book Signings and CD Releases
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Art Programs
  • Children’s Workshops
  • Celebrations
As a venue for spiritual and creative growth programs, Sedona Creative Life Center is the finest possible facility for hosting an event.  The staff continually works with speakers, teachers, authors, musicians and artists to help make their programs and knowledge available to the public.  They will help set up an event, register participants, and can provide advertising, catering information, etc if needed.


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 Sedona Creative Life Center is a nonprofit 501 C-3, nondenominational spiritual growth center,
independent of any organizations.  333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336